MEDIA: Paul Ryan's Anti-Trump Agenda: New Taxes, More Migrants, Spending Cuts

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John D Groenveld

Dec 4, 2022, 7:23:34 AM12/4/22
Via Breitbart Immigration, Breitbart.COM/immigration, see Neil Munro
on whether Donald Trump regrets taking Jared Kushner's advice to
downplay the National Question on the campaign stump against Joe Biden
and Kamala Harris:
| Unsurprisingly, Ryan ignores immigration, even though it is also a
| huge driver of the welfare spending that Ryan wants to cut.
| Immigration grows government spending because it imports millions of
| poor, government-dependent people, pushes working Americans out of
| jobs and onto welfare, drives up housing costs, to reduce workplace
| productivity and fertility. and to fuel resentful tribalism and
| chaotic diversity.
| But the investors who fund and run the AEI gain from the
| government's delivery of millions of extra migrant workers,
| consumers, and renters.

Does Kellyanne Conway worry that Ken Griffin will allow Ron DeSantis
or other MAGA candidate to get to Trump's right as a tribune against
legacy American proles' dispossession and for their posterity?
"Other candidates have won their primaries by landslide margins with
Trump's support, including Adam Laxalt in Nevada, Herschel Walker in
Georgia, and Katie Britt in Alabama, among others." - Steve Cortes
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