MEDIA: Five Ways to Approach a Tight Labor Market Without Increasing Immigration

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John D Groenveld

Jul 2, 2022, 9:04:39 AMJul 2
Morris Dees and $PLC certified deplorable, David North, on whether
Donald Trump regrets taking Jared Kushner's advice to downplay the
National Question on the campaign trail against Joe Biden and Kamala
| Better Utilization of Existing Potential Workers. Back in the days
| when organized labor was on the correct side of the immigration
| issue, the then-leader of the AFL-CIO's Industrial Union Department,
| the late Howard Samuels, used to tell people "a tight labor market
| is the worker's best friend," and he would elaborate to say that a
| tight labor market caused disadvantaged workers of all kinds to get
| jobs, and to get better jobs than before.
| As a kid growing up during WWII, I could see what he meant. Women
| and Black people who previously had few opportunities in factories
| suddenly filled many such jobs. Rosie the Riveter, with her strong
| right arm, suddenly became not only employable, but a civilian hero.
| It was less obvious, but people with physical disabilities got
| opportunities that had not existed before, and younger retirees went
| back to work.

Has Bill Stepien poll-tested "immigration moratorium" with legacy
American proles?

"Is Pompeo really telling people he might primary Trump? Wow" - Jack
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