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MEDIA: "It's All Very Fragile"--Trump Is Right. The Country Is Coming Apart. And Immigration Is A Reason

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John D Groenveld

Nov 23, 2022, 7:33:08 AM11/23/22
VDare's Peter Brimelow on whether Kellyanne Conway fears a politician
with dreams of WhiteHouse.GOV will out MAGA Donald Trump:
| So the way is still clear for someone (FL Governor Ron DeSantis?) to
| outflank Trump on the issue.
| But it's hard to see how DeSantis can explain that to !Jeb Bush!
| and Paul Ryan, both of whom have endorsed him.
| And who knows with Trump? He's not a normal candidate. He's
| surprised us before.

Will the likes of Ken Griffin fund MAGA candidates who invite the
likes of Mike Emmons onto their campaign stumps to argue for making
immigration Safe, Legal and Rare?

"@CityBureaucrat Unfortunately I saw this ending just as the courts
ruled against Trump ending DACA. In terms of immigration, this isnt
going to be a fight won in the courts. This sadly is going to have
to be won in congress." - Dr. Mark Facebook, Esq.
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