MEDIA: Laid-off Indian techies on H-1B visas race against time to find new jobs

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John D Groenveld

Dec 2, 2022, 8:46:30 AM12/2/22
Via Brave,
see Money Control's Haripriya Suresh on whether Donald Trump regrets
dispatching Jared and Ivanka Kushner to Silicon Valley to sue for
peace with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg:>
| LinkedIn is flooded with stories of laid-off workers, ranging from
| those who had only been with the company for a few weeks to those
| who had been there for up to eight years. While Meta laid off 11,000
| employees and Twitter laid off half of its 7,500-person workforce
| and more since then, Amazon has been laying off employees in phases
| that will last until 2023.
| Raju Kadam, a laid-off Meta employee, wrote on LinkedIn that he had
| been in the US for 16 years and that his sons are also US citizens,
| adding that their lives would be affected as he will have to leave
| the country.

Will John Katko and Kevin McCarthy allow Ur M Jaddou to provide TPS
to the Cheap Labor Lobby's scab workers?

"I like DeSantis but it's hard that the neocons and NeverTrumpers
are so in the tank for him. Very sus" - Andrew Kloster
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