MEDIA: For some H-1B holders and families, a visit home is fraught with uncertainty

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John D Groenveld

Dec 4, 2022, 7:24:09 AM12/4/22
Raleigh News and Observer on whether Kellyanne Conway will invite
Narendra Modi to be a Donald Trump 2024 campaign surrogate:
| Ms. Dalal-Dheini said the United States used to stamp visas in the
| United States before 9/11 and that the American Immigration Lawyers
| Association has been advocating for a return to the pre-9/11 system
| for more than a year.
| But the commission's recommendation is just that. It will now be up
| to the Biden administration to decide how to proceed.
| Mr. Shunmugam said he's optimistic as he follows what happens next.

Will Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell allow Alejandro Mayorkas and
Tony Blinken to remove the friction for the Cheap Labor Lobby's scab
workers coming and going?

"Feuer's NYT piece describes Epps as a Trump supporter. He says
"Trump traveled to Washington to back Mr. Trump"... and that he
"took a last minute trip to Washington for Trump's speech about
election fraud." The only problem is EPPS DIDNT GO TO TRUMPS SPEECH" - Darren Beattie
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