MEDIA: Poll: Just 15% of Voters Have 'Very Positive' View of Migration

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John D Groenveld

Nov 23, 2022, 7:33:26 AM11/23/22
Via Breitbart Immigration, Breitbart.COM/immigration, see Neil Munro
on whether Kellyanne Conway advises Donald Trump to ignore Jared
Kushner and to campaign on the National Question:
| In the November result, the GOP won a clear majority of the votes
| and a bare majority of House districts. Fourteen percent of
| Republican voters said immigration was their top issue, ahead of
| crime, abortion, and guns.
| The EIG advocacy group is backed by investors who want to import
| more white-collar migrants and inflate housing prices in states far
| from the coasts. Their migration policy would shift wealth from
| ordinary American families to coastal investors in California and
| New York.

Will Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell deliver loosened spigots to
the Cheap Labor Lobby's scab worker import pipelines?

"JOURNALISTS, all day yesterday: Trump assaulted his Secret Service
agents and grabbed the wheel of the presidential limo!!! Headline
news. Smoking gun!!!! SECRET SERVICE AGENTS: That never happened.
JOURNALISTS: That was never an important part of the testimony." - Glenn Greenwald
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