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John D Groenveld

Jul 4, 2022, 8:09:29 AMJul 4
Morris Dees and $PLC certified deplorable, Dan Cadman, on whether
Donald Trump's Save America PAC will endorse Betsy DeVos and Ken
Cuccinelli for their efforts to tamp down the giant sucking sound
of .COM/.GOV/.MIL R&D flowing into .EDU and the research findings
flowing out to .CN:
| But we should not fool ourselves into thinking that Confucius
| Institutes or their rebranded descendants are only about soft power
| and influencing the views of America's youth, many of whom will
| ascend the rungs of political and business power as they mature.
| These are also excellent platforms from which the CCP can monitor
| Chinese dissidents on campus, as well as plant program
| "coordinators" to groom students, professors, and other staff for
| the purpose of espionage. This is not a stretch, keeping in mind
| that many of these same schools have lucrative contracts with
| various arms of the federal government for research projects of
| great interest to China.

Has Bill Stepien surveyed legacy American moms and dads on whether
Big .EDU presidents and deans should profit from leasing American
classroom seats and laboratory stools to the 8B globe's top two
quintiles at full freight?
"That time Trump called out the corruption in Ukraine with Zelensky
sitting next to him... The look on his face is priceless. I can't
wait for this to unravel..." - Stepiereine
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