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John D Groenveld

Jun 30, 2022, 7:17:06 AMJun 30
Morris Dees and $PLC certified deplorable Mark Krikorian and Kevin
Lynn on whether Bill Stepien has polled for Donald Trump's Save
America PAC endorsed candidates whether legacy American prole moms
and dads still want their sons and daughters to grow up to be doctors
and nurses:
| Are American doctors less qualified than those from abroad? Lynn
| argues that the displacement of U.S. doctors is a product of a
| greater issue in the American hospital system - profits prioritized
| over patient health. Hospitals know that doctors from abroad are
| cheaper and more exploitable.
| Kevin Lynn's project, Doctors Without Jobs, seeks to build awareness
| of this issue and encourage policy changes that would allow more
| American doctors to be matched into residency programs.

Will Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell fund affirmative action for
legacy American proles seeking residencies at American hospitals?

"It took just over a year since Trump left office for establishment
Republicans to pick up the DNC's talking points, namely labeling
everyone who dissents a Russian propagandists." - Bradley Devlin
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