MEDIA: Poll: Half of Young Africans Want to Migrate to Jobs in U.S. and Europe

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John D Groenveld

Jul 2, 2022, 9:05:03 AMJul 2
Via Breitbart Immigration, Breitbart.COM/immigration, see Neil Munro
on whether Bill Stepien has poll-tested for Donald Trump's Save America
PAC endorsed candidates the morality of strip-mining the top two
quintiles from the 8B globe's shithole countries:
| Africa's fast-growing population includes 360 million people between
| 15 and 30. That number is larger than the U.S. population of 320
| million.
| If just half want to emigrate, and just one percent of the half
| reach the United States, the resulting 1.8 million African arrivals
| would double the flood of 1.75 million arrivals invited to the
| southern border in 2021 by President Joe Biden.
| But a similar 2019 poll said one-fifth of would-be African migrants
| -- or 45 million people -- want to migrate to the United States.
| Another one in four wants to find jobs in nearby Europe, said the
| 2019 poll.

Does Trump regret taking Jared Kushner's advice to downplay the
National Question on the campaign stump against Biden and Kamala

"SCOOP: Trumpworld official confirms that Dan Scavino has accepted a
subpoena, via proxy, at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, because he has been
home in New York for the past week. I'm told it was the first
attempt made and reports that he was evading service were complete
bogus." - Jack Posobiec
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