MEDIA: Why Are H-1B Visas Apportioned by Lottery?

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John D Groenveld

Nov 24, 2022, 9:45:47 AM11/24/22
Via Brave,
see Jeremy Neufeld for Rupert Murdoch's letters section on why
Donald Trump didn't turn the H-1B lottery to a wage ordered queue:
| Replacing the lottery with a points system or salary-based ranking
| should unite H-1B skeptics and advocates. If one thinks the H-1B is
| a source of cheap labor to undercut natives, awarding visas to the
| most productive applicants should end abuse overnight. If one thinks
| a few sensationalist stories are unfairly giving a good program a
| bad name, then ending the lottery will improve the visa's reputation
| and value.

Does Kellyanne Conway fear Ron DeSantis will run to Trump's right on
the National Question by inviting the likes of Mike Emmons onto Ken
Griffin's campaign stage?

"Trump's already made sure the Democrats will keep control of the
Senate (Oz? Walker? Give me a break), but even he won't be able to
save the Dems in the House." - Mark Krikorian
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