MEDIA: For Laid-Off Tech Workers On H-1B Visas, There Aren't Enough Jobs To Go Around

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John D Groenveld

Dec 2, 2022, 8:46:00 AM12/2/22
Forbes' Kendrick Cai on whether Donald Trump will endorse Ken Cuccinelli
to succeed Ur M Jaddou to lead USCIS.GOV and whether Jaddou will
provide TPS to laid off scab workers on NIVs:>
| Lawyers told Forbes that while many tech workers won't be able to
| find new jobs within 60 days, creative maneuvers exist to extend
| their stay in the country, such as switching to a visitor visa,
| applying for an extraordinary ability green card or returning to
| school to obtain another degree. But while an H-1B visa can be
| directly transferred to a new employer, these backup measures could
| cost thousands of dollars and still may not provide a guarantee to
| stay in the country.

Will Kellyanne Conway invite the likes of Mike Emmons onto Trump's
Save America PAC campaign stage?

"Oh look! We're less than a year away from Trump suck-ups claiming
they were ALWAYS for abandoning Trump, after berating me for 3
years." - Ann Coulter
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