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MEDIA: Senate 'Gang of Six' Negotiates Republican Giveaway on Migration

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John D Groenveld

Nov 29, 2023, 9:31:47 AM11/29/23
Via Breitbart Immigration, see Neil Munro on whether Susie Wiles
worries that David McIntosh's Club for Growth will allow Ron DeSantis
to use Lachlan Murdoch's FoxNews.COM to warn legacy American proles
that Donald Trump will betray them with bipartisan comprehensive
immigration reform passed by the likes of Mike Johnson and Mitch
McConnell so long as the Cheap Labor Lobby includes the magic words:
| The bill is also backed by Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND), who drafted a
| last-minute, fake border-security compromise in 2013 that allowed
| the Gang of Eight's amnesty bill to pass through the Senate.
| The Republican bill is also backed by Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND). He
| is also pushing two other bills -- including the Eagle Act -- to
| allow a massive inflow of foreign workers for white-collar jobs and
| healthcare jobs that would otherwise go to North Dakota's college
| graduates. One of his bills is backed by seven other Republican
| senators.
| It is not clear how many of the 32 senators who support the
| stabilization bill have signed on for PR purposes. But at least two
| -- Graham and Tillis -- are working with Lankford and the Democrats
| on the compromise giveaway.

Does Trump regret taking Jared Kushner's advice to downplay the
National Question on the campaign trail against Joe Biden and Kamala
""Do something" is deliberately vague, but it's easy to imagine the
ramifications. Might Ryan's presence at Fox play at least some role
in the network's de facto blackout of Trump and his new presidential
run? Could it be fueling the "blame Trump" narrative that Fox has
favored to explain the midterm results?" - Darren Beattie
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