U.S. Top 10 underlying causes of death in 2022 + Islit Death Risk

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May 7, 2023, 3:30:22 PMMay 7
Corrected re-post to clarify when the
overnight death risk I recently endured
from having Islit (Insulinitis, new super-
ior clarifying name for type 1 diabetes)
actually occurred:

May 5 2023

... More than 3.2 million persons died
in the United States during January–
December 2022. ... The overall age-
adjusted U.S. death rate decreased
by 5.3% from 2021 to 2022. ...

Graphic display of Top 10
underlying causes of death in 2022

1. Heart disease
2. Cancer
3. Unintentional injury
4. Covid-19
5. Stroke
6. Chronic lower respiratory diseases
7. Alzheimer disease
8. Disparate High Glucose Conditions*
9. Kidney disease
10. Chronic liver disease & cirrhosis

*Unfortunately, the CDC tosses all 7
Disparate High Glucose Conditions
into a single category 'neath the old
obsolete misleading confusing name
diabetes; since the overwhelming ma-
jority of people with a DHGC have ...

... Cellosis (new superior clarifying name
for type 2 diabetes), it's accurate to pre-
sume that the overwhelming majority of
death from the 7 DHGCs is caused by
Cellosis; also note that having any DHGC
increases the risk of dying from the other ...

... leading causes of death, the degree of
increase varying based on the degree to
which one's DHGC is diagnosed early &
accurately & is dealt with by keeping glu-
cose levels as close as safely possible to
what they were prior to getting a DHGC; ...

... however, the risk of those with Islit doing
that is that even with an advanced insulin
pump & integrated basil-dosage-changing
Dexcom G6 CGM, from time-to-time one
can find oneself with dangerously low over-
night glucose levels one is unaware of, ...

... raising the risk of death from a severe
low (that happened to me a few nights
ago, May 4 2023; in addition to Islit, I also
suffer from nocturia, almost always ...

... waking up & having to urinate several
times during overnight sleep). However,
for reasons unknown, last Thursday night,
May 4 2023, I didn't awaken once, & woke
up with a glucose level dangerously low
due having set my insulin pump to manual ...

... & mistakenly not turning that setting off
prior to going to sleep. Fortunately, I didn't
die and as the saying goes, sometimes it's
better to be lucky than good. Oh well, as we
with Islit always say, "Life's a bitch & then
you die" -&- "Everyone with Islit is on ...

... manual pilot at all times as the exigencies
of natural law fucked us with an incurable
(thus far) disease (Islit) & a fucked up treat-
ment (exogenous insulin) requiring never-
ending monitoring & insulin dosing ...

... guessing to deal with having a fucked
up pancreas," & every single entity that tells
us to "control" our disease is either oblivious
to or pretentiously lying about &/or in denial
regarding how fucking difficult (i.e., practic-
ally impossible) that is with current technol-

- - -

Other information on Islit death risk:

It's estimated that 5% to 11% of Islit individuals
will die from severe hypoglycemia, the highest
risk of that being while sleeping (i.e., dead-in-
bed syndrome).

- - -

Shocking Misdiagnoses of Islit at All Ages

at ages 0-6 ........ 21%
at ages 7-12 ...... 15%
at ages 13-17 .... 14%
at ages 18-29 .... 30%
at ages 30-39 .... 46%
at ages 40-49 .... 48%
50+ .................... 55%

A recent article showed that Islit, when
misdiagnosed, is primarily misdiagnosed
- Cellosis (new superior clarifying name for
type 2 diabetes) in adults, 76.8%
- Flu/Viral Infection in children, 53.7%

Details on Shocking Islit Misdiagnoses &
Islit Ketoacidosis is the Leading Cause
of Death in Islit Children & Young Adults

*~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~*


New SUPERIOR clarifying name for near-
total to total loss of endogenous insulin

The overwhelming majority of Islit caused
by autoimmune attacks on pancreatic beta
cells (Insulitis Islit) but there are

o 15 specific types of rapid onset Islit, a
rare condition (only present in < one-half
of 1% of Americans & in a much lower rate
in most of the world), when present is typ-
ically diagnosed at age under 30
(50% at age < 18, 20% at age 19 to 29)

o 1 slow onset specific type, Latent Auto-
immune Islit, frequency unknown but per
a recent report, misdiagnosed as Cellosis
(new clarifying name for type 2 diabetes)
almost 40% of the time due to slow onset
& occurrence typically at age over 30

Old outdated anachronistic name for Islit is
type 1 diabetes, confusing in that diabetes
without clarifier is often used to describe this
& the other 6 Disparate High Glucose Con-
ditions (DHGCs).

That makes figuring out which DHGC is actu-
ally being referred to (& it can be any 1, some,
or all of them when diabetes or diabetic word
used without clarifier) confusing / difficult:

Recent estimate that 20 million have Islit in the
world, 1 in 394 (2.583/10ths of 1%), less than
5% of the almost 470 million in the world who
have any of the 7 DHGCs, 95% having Cellosis
(see below for causalities):

Notably, one's relatives and one's birthplace
dramatically impact one's risk of getting the
Insulitis-caused Islit, as listed in details of all
15 specific types of rapid-onset Islit & the sole
specific type of slow onset Latent Autoimmune
Islit at

- - -

. Insulin / Insulin Pump / CGM I use
. Fiasp Ultra-Fast-Acting Insulin in a
. tubeless Omnipod insulin pump catheter
. placed into skin / pod with adhesive
. stuck onto skin every 80 hours, control
. via Omnipod 5 Controller connected to
. Dexcom G6 CGM providing auto-basil-dos-
. aging based on CGM glucose levels)
. https://prohuman.net/pix2/Omnipod5insulinpump-connectedtoDexcomG6CGM.png
. Dexcom G6 CGM (continuous glucose monitor
. connected to Omnipod)
. https://prohuman.net/pix2/Dexcom_G6_CGM.jpg

- - -

Stop Diabetes/Diabetic Confusion
with New Superior Clarifying Terms

- - -

o Preventable Cellosis is the only specific
type of Disparate High Glucose Condition
that is preventable & reversible (in many,
sometimes it's called type 2 diabetes, often
confusingly called diabetes with no clarifier)

Risk for Preventable Cellosis, Hypertension,
& Cardiovascular Disease increases as one's
weight increases but BMI risk increases at
lower BMI levels in non-white individuals:

o PreCellosis (often confusingly called predia-
betes with no clarifier) is the oft-times preven-
table & reversible Cellosis precondition that all-
too-often the overwhelming majority having it
are unaware they have it (almost 3 times more
have PreCellosis than have Cellosis).

o 20 specific types of Cellosis, unpreventable
& nonreversible (thus far, sometimes called
type 2 diabetes, all-too-often confusingly called
diabetes with no clarifier)

Per the following article, 5.3% with Cellosis
used exogenous insulin in 2019.

- - -

o 4 other Disparate High Glucose Conditions
exist (Gestational Cellosis, Diminosis, Neonatal
Diminosis, Ohiglucons), all 7 DHGCs fully des-
cribed in the following article:

Logic and reasoning behind ceasing using
confusing / misleading / misinforming diabetes
& diabetic & reactive hypoglycemia words and
phrases, replacing all of that with vastly superior
clarifying names:

Diabetes Bubble / Diabetes Bubble Burst

*~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~*
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