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IMPOSSIBLE to drink 50,000 cans of Diet Rite Cola over 2 hours (Sucralose study)

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Jun 9, 2023, 7:31:42 PM6/9/23
Tempted to title this "Artificial Sweetener
Study Idiocy", & I'll excerpt the parts of the
following article that are about those kind
of studies, focusing on the recent study of
sucralose, & skipping the part regarding the
artificial sweetener erythritol.

I'll also correct the writer's ending where he
tried to associate ALL Disparate High Glu-
cose Conditions with sugar, using the word
diabetes without clarifier. Actually, the sole
Disparate High Glucose Condition in which
sugar may play a causal role is Preventable ...

Cellosis (new clarifying term for Preventable
type 2 diabetes), & sugar is just one of many
foods that can contribute to weight gain &
Preventable Cellosis, especially when one is
sedentary or gets insufficient exercise.

Unpreventable Cellosis, Gestational Cellosis,
Insulinitis (Islit), Latent Autoimmune Islit, Dim-
inosis, Neonatal Diminosis, & Ohiglucons are
NOT caused by sugar or any other food. See
Diabetes Bubble / Diabetes Bubble Burst for
complete details on disparate causalities of
the 7 Disparate High Glucose Conditions:

- - -
June 9 2023

Artificial Sweeteners Are Basically Fine,
So Why Are We So Desperate to Find
Something Wrong With Them?

A new study has kicked off another round
of misleading media coverage.
- - -

On a predictable schedule, there’s a headline
that makes you spit out your Diet Coke. This
week, it’s that sucralose, the artificial sweet-
ener found in Splenda, as well as Diet Coke
with Splenda has been found to be “genotoxic,”
meaning it can break down DNA, which is ...

... widely accepted as something that’s not
good and can lead to unpleasant things like
leaky gut syndrome.

[Clarification: Some Diet Coke uses sucralose,
some Diet Coke uses aspartame, Diet Rite
Cola uses sucralose - sweetener varies from
diet drink to diet drink, so one must view the
ingredients to know what's in one's diet drink.]

But not so fast. Epidemiologist Gideon Meyer-
owitz-Katz wrote a piece in response to the
study and the glut of “extremely misleading”
media coverage that followed. He noted that
the study took place in petri dishes, and said
that it would take chugging 50,000 cans of ...

... Diet Rite Cola over two hours to reach the
specific sucralose concentration levels where
DNA damage was found to occur in the study.

Agnostic of any health benefits or deleterious
effects, artificial sweeteners are a guaranteed
source of panic whenever a study pops up.

[article switches to talking about artificial
sweetener erythritol - see article for details
on that]

We know there is one sweetener linked to weight
gain, dental decay, [he uses the diabetes word in-
appropriately as only one of the 7 Disparate High
Glucose Conditions, Preventable Cellosis, is pos-
sibly related to the following] and a whole host of
other issues: sugar.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER, Freethinking
Realist Exploring Expressive Liberty,
Openness, Verity, Enlightenment, and
Rationality, hoping for a day when all
human ills are overcome and peace, ...

... love, joy, and happiness fills our
lives with boundless enthusiasm for
being the best we all can be in an
everlasting manner if scientifically
realistically pleasantly possible !!!

- - -

Superior Clarifying Names first created
and defined in 2010, trying to replace
outdated anachronistic confusing misleading
diabetes / diabetic / reactive hypoglycemia
words and phrases:

Diabetes Bubble / Diabetes Bubble Burst

C.ure I.nsulinitis A.ssociation

Glucose Anomalies Research regarding
Potential Cures / Improvements in Treatments
Sooner is Ideal!

- - -

I was diagnosed with Islit (Insulinitis)
caused by Insulitis (autoimmune attack
on pancreatic beta cells) at age 5, in
March 1961, Insulitis Islit just 1 of
the 15 specific types of Islit.

Exogenous Insulin & Bloodprick / CGM
Glucose Tests History - 1961 to 2022


New SUPERIOR clarifying name for near-
total to total loss of endogenous insulin

The overwhelming majority of Islit caused by
autoimmune attacks on pancreatic beta cells
(Insulitis Islit) but there are

o 15 specific types of rapid onset Islit, a
rare condition (only present in < one-half
of 1% of Americans & in a much lower rate
in most of the world), when present is typ-
ically diagnosed at age under 30
(50% at age < 18, 20% at age 19 to 29)

o 1 slow onset specific type, Latent Autoim-
mune Islit, frequency unknown but per a
recent report, misdiagnosed as Cellosis
(new clarifying name for type 2 diabetes)
almost 40% of the time due to its slow
onset and its occurrence typically at age
over 30

Old outdated anachronistic name for Islit is
type 1 diabetes, confusing in that diabetes
without clarifier is often used to describe
this condition which is 1 of the 7 Disparate
High Glucose Conditions (DHGCs).

That makes figuring out which DHGC is actu-
ally being referred to (and it can be any one,
or some, or all of them when the diabetes
or diabetic word is used without clarifier)
confusing / difficult:

- - -

Insulin / Insulin Pump / CGM I use

Fiasp Ultra-Fast-Acting Insulin in a
tubeless Omnipod insulin pump catheter
placed into skin / pod with adhesive
stuck onto skin every 80 hours, control
via Omnipod 5 Controller connected to
Dexcom G6 CGM providing auto-basil-dos-
aging based on CGM glucose levels)

Dexcom G6 CGM (continuous glucose monitor
connected to Omnipod)

- - -

Non-Islit Disparate High Glucose Conditions:

o Preventable Cellosis is the only specific
type of Disparate High Glucose Condition
that is preventable & reversible (in many,
sometimes it's called type 2 diabetes, often
confusingly called diabetes with no clarifier)

Risk for Preventable Cellosis, Hypertension,
& Cardiovascular Disease increases as one's
weight increases but BMI risk increases at
lower BMI levels in non-white individuals:

o PreCellosis (often confusingly called predia-
betes with no clarifier) is the oft-times preven-
table & reversible Cellosis precondition that all-
too-often the overwhelming majority having it
are unaware they have it (almost 3 times more
have PreCellosis than have Cellosis).

o 20 specific types of Cellosis, unpreventable
& nonreversible (thus far, sometimes called
type 2 diabetes, all-too-often confusingly called
diabetes with no clarifier)

Per the following article, 5.3% with Cellosis
used exogenous insulin in 2019.

Gestational Cellosis - DHGC that happens in
< 10% of pregnancies

Diminosis - monogenic diminished insulin
production occurring after age 6 months,
11 specific types

Neonatal Diminosis - monogenic diminished
insulin production in first 6 months, 12
specific types

Ohiglucons - Other High Glucose Conditions,
24 specific types


Mostly Non-Glucose Anomaly: Insipidus, 6
specific types

Low Glucose Anomaly: Hut (Hypoglycemia
Uncaused by Treatment for High Glucose),
21 specific types


Stop Diabetes/Diabetic Confusion
with New Superior Clarifying Terms

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

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