FDA Approves Insulet Omnipod 5 (automatic basal adjustment every 5 minutes based on Dexcom 6 CGM readings)

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Jan 30, 2022, 11:07:31 AMJan 30
January 28 2022

FDA approves 1st automated, tubeless
insulin pump (Omnipod 5) for people with
Insulinitis (Islit, near-total to total loss of
endogenous insulin)

Photo of Omnipod 5 control device along
with its pod & its Dexcom G6 CGM sensor:


The Omnipod 5 will quickly begin rolling
out in a limited market release ... with a
full release coming later this year, accord-
ing to Shacey Petrovic, president & CEO of
Insulet, the Massachusetts-based maker
of Omnipod.

She said the device, which will be sold in
pharmacies, will be immediately available
for people ages 6 to 70, with clearance for
kids ages 2 and older expected later this


Comment: I guess the only way I'll know
for sure if I can get it is to try to order it
when I next see my doctor (March 18 2022),
& see if my provider (Humana Pharmacy)
has it then or if they will get it later this

Unstated anywhere, will this device be cov-
ered as DME (durable medical equipment)
or will it only be covered as a prescription?
DME avoids reduced coverage when one
goes over $4,000 (approximate) in a year
(the Medicare 'donut hole').


Information at the following Omnipod 5
website indicates it currently only works
with one cellphone, the

Samsung Galaxy S10 (4G) SM-G973U1
or SM-G973U (with Android 11).

However, one can still control the Omni-
pod 5 System with the wireless Omni-
pod 5 Controller, provided at no cost
with the 1st prescription.

Based on prices displayed at a search via
amazon, I would use the 'no cost' device
available with the 1st prescription rather
than buying another cellphone:

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~


New SUPERIOR clarifying name for near-
total to total loss of endogenous insulin

The overwhelming majority of Islit caused
by autoimmune attacks on pancreatic beta
cells (Insulitis Islit) but there are

o 15 specific types of rapid onset Islit, a
rare condition (only present in < one-half
of 1% of Americans & in a much lower rate
in most of the world), when present is typ-
ically diagnosed at age under 30
(50% at age < 18, 20% at age 19 to 29)

o 1 slow onset specific type, Latent Auto-
immune Islit, frequency unknown but per
a recent report, misdiagnosed as Cellosis
(new clarifying name for type 2 diabetes)
almost 40% of the time due to slow onset
& occurrence typically at age over 30

Old outdated anachronistic name for Islit is
type 1 diabetes, confusing in that diabetes
without clarifier is often used to describe this
& the other 6 Disparate High Glucose Con-
ditions (DHGCs).

That makes figuring out which DHGC is actu-
ally being referred to (& it can be any 1, some,
or all of them when diabetes or diabetic word
used without clarifier) confusing / difficult:

Recent estimate that 20 million have Islit in the
world, 1 in 394 (2.583/10ths of 1%), less than
5% of the almost 470 million in the world who
have any of the 7 DHGCs, 95% having Cellosis
(see below for causalities):

Notably, one's relatives and one's birthplace
dramatically impact one's risk of getting the
Insulitis-caused Islit, as listed in details of all
15 specific types of rapid-onset Islit & the sole
specific type of slow onset Latent Autoimmune
Islit at

- - -

Insulin / Insulin Pump / CGM I use

Fiasp Ultra-Fast-Acting Insulin in a tubeless
Omnipod insulin pump catheter placed into
skin / pod with adhesive stuck onto skin every
80 hours, control via PDM (Personal Data

Dexcom G6 CGM (continuous glucose monitor)

- - -

Stop Diabetes/Diabetic Confusion
with New Superior Clarifying Terms

- - -

o Preventable Cellosis is the only specific
type of Disparate High Glucose Condition
that is preventable & reversible (in many,
sometimes it's called type 2 diabetes, often
confusingly called diabetes with no clarifier)

Risk for Preventable Cellosis, Hypertension,
& Cardiovascular Disease increases as one's
weight increases but BMI risk increases at
lower BMI levels in non-white individuals:

o PreCellosis (often confusingly called predia-
betes with no clarifier) is the oft-times preven-
table & reversible Cellosis precondition that all-
too-often the overwhelming majority having it
are unaware they have it (almost 3 times more
have PreCellosis than have Cellosis).

o 20 specific types of Cellosis, unpreventable
& nonreversible (thus far, sometimes called
type 2 diabetes, all-too-often confusingly called
diabetes with no clarifier)

Per the following article, 5.3% with Cellosis
used exogenous insulin in 2019.

- - -

o 4 other Disparate High Glucose Conditions
exist (Gestational Cellosis, Diminosis, Neonatal
Diminosis, Ohiglucons), all 7 DHGCs fully des-
cribed in the following article:

Logic and reasoning behind ceasing using
confusing / misleading / misinforming diabetes
& diabetic & reactive hypoglycemia words and
phrases, replacing all of that with vastly superior
clarifying names:

Diabetes Bubble / Diabetes Bubble Burst

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
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