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Dental Cleaning

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Mar 23, 2023, 4:26:58 PM3/23/23
In another newsgroup on December 2 2020
I wrote that I got my teeth cleaned at my
local dentist, & 3 bits of good news: My
new health insurance covered it at no cost
& I had no cavities!

Last dental cleaning, a year ago, cost $240
as I had no dental insurance & they found
7 cavities (getting those fixed cost thous-
ands of dollars).

Today I wrote bad news, December 2020,
my procrastination proclivities kicked in &
I didn't see the dentist again 'til March 2023
due to having 2 teeth in pain.

Last week, March 15, I had my first dental
cleaning since December 2 2020, had 2 cav-
ities & 1 tooth needing to be pulled that I
already knew about (she let me delay pulling
that tooth) & a new tooth needing to be ...

... pulled that she warned I might breathe it
into my lungs, requiring surgery to be re-
moved. I didn't know that tooth was in dan-
ger since it wasn't causing pain.

Since I found that might be breathed into
my lungs too scary, I had it pulled today.

Moral of that story, dental cleanings, don't
procrastinate, schedule them for every 6
months. Right now, about 2 and a half
hours after having that tooth pulled, in
serious pain, addressing that with 2 ibu-
profen & 2 acetiminophen capsules.

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New SUPERIOR clarifying name for near-
total to total loss of endogenous insulin

I've had Islit since age 5, diagnosed in
March 1961.

The overwhelming majority of Islit (includ-
ing the type I got) caused by autoimmune
attacks on pancreatic beta cells (Insulitis
Islit) but in total there are

o 15 specific types of rapid onset Islit, a
rare condition (only present in < one-half
of 1% of Americans & in a much lower rate
in most of the world), when present is typ-
ically diagnosed at age under 30
(50% at age < 18, 20% at age 19 to 29)

o 1 slow onset specific type, Latent Autoim-
mune Islit, frequency unknown but per a
recent report, misdiagnosed as Cellosis
(new clarifying name for type 2 diabetes)
almost 40% of the time due to its slow
onset and its occurrence typically at age
over 30

Old outdated anachronistic name for Islit is
type 1 diabetes, confusing in that diabetes
without clarifier is often used to describe
this condition which is 1 of the 7 Disparate
High Glucose Conditions (DHGCs).

That makes figuring out which DHGC is actu-
ally being referred to (and it can be any one,
or some, or all of them when the diabetes
or diabetic word is used without clarifier)
confusing / difficult:

- - -

Diabetes Bubble / Diabetes Bubble Burst

C.ure I.nsulinitis A.ssociation

Glucose Anomalies Research regarding
Potential Cures / Improvements in Treatments

Stop Diabetes/Diabetic Confusion
with New Superior Clarifying Terms

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