Cancer Industry spawns AIDS industry

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John Scudamore

Jun 18, 1997, 3:00:00 AM6/18/97

Medicine Wars, 100 Years of Suppressed Cancer Cures, 100 Years of
Farming a Human Disease for Profit, The Cancer Industry

Chief Public Defender of Drug Medicine, Steven B. Harris:

> Look, the only problem here is the twits who claim they can cure
> various incurable diseases. So why aren't they on the cover of
> Newsweek?

Ho ho Steve. Sorry, I am not interrupting a fairy story for your
grandchildren am I?

They usually get chased out the country like Gerson, Manners (see how well his work went
down:, Arthur
Harris, Rife (OK, just became a
broken man & alcoholic), Koch (an FBI
agent tried to strangle one of his "incurable" patients he had cured!), Burton, Hoxsey: or persecuted like Naessens and
Burzynski (, arrested like
Christopher and Shulze, "ignored" like Sheriden and Breuss and Coley (that one from 1893!) &
Don't tell me, you were saving us from wicked quacks! How about telling
the folks about how ozone will destroy HIV or how it has been used to
treat cancer for 40 years in Germany: & Also electronic medicine looks promising

Revici should have made Time/Newsweek cover don’t you think:, too late now, or Dr Hamer:, or Dr Budwig, Dr Kelly,
Moermans, or Samuel West, & how long have you sat on that
vital health information (lymph) 60 years? This doc, Clements, looks
useful, will we ever hear of him:, and Dr Govallo

Don’t tell anyone what the Germans have discovered, that earth radiation
(curry grid, ley lines, water lines) cause cancer and many other
diseases. Having to admit that nutrition is a factor in disease, like
selenium for cancer prevention and treatment, something chicken farmers
have practiced for years, and of 1936! I have to give my
lambs selenium & cobalt every year, have done for 20 years, and only
yesterday the vet saved the life of a lamb with vitamin b1 injection.

Check out the recent persecution of Dr Warner: & Jonathen Wright, M.D.
has problems even using vitamins,
another doctor here , and any
new cancer therapies our medicos will jump to bring them to you like
this and
This book details the FDA drug agenda
and here, and health freedom items here A little matter of hemp as medicine or a thousand year old
medicine, have trouble banning this one

Of course it sure is difficult to work up case histories when it is
illegal over here for a herbalist, naturopath or homeopath to treat
Hmm, lets build up a nice file for my prosecution.

>That alternative medicine has these powers must be the best
> kept secret in America.

Sure is, but then when did the media or government ever pretend to be
anything but a tool of big business? Well, they pretend to be free,
they even believe it themselves, I suppose it makes them sleep better.
Chomsky puts it well on
East Timor doesn't he? How your media ignored the genocide there just
because of some heavy arms sales? In his book Necessary Illusions he
argues that the media "far from performing a watchdog role, the "free
press" serves the needs of those in power. He rips away the mask of
propaganda that portrays the media as advocates of free speech and
democracy: In short, the major media are corporations "selling"
privileged audiences to other businesses.... Media concentration is
high, and increasing. Furthermore, those who occupy managerial
positions in the media...belong to the same privileged elites, and might
be expected to share the perceptions, aspirations, and attitudes of
their associates, reflecting their own class interests as well.
Journalists entering the system are unlikely to make their way unless
they conform to these ideological pressures, generally by internalizing
the values.... Those who fail to conform will be weeded out"...

Shucks, I always thought those fearless media investigative reporters
brought us the truth whatever! What is that saying: "You can say what
you want, but you dare not think what you can’t say". Sounds about
right for the media. Trade papers for big business.

The media have completely ignored (ignoring is subtle suppression) Hulda
Clark and her book/work The Cure For All Cancers, and I thought you
liked to burn quacks. Thanks for keeping us informed I have yet to see one
single mention of oxygen therapies, it is always drugs drugs drugs.
Kind of obvious who pulls the media strings isn't it? They love those
drug (now genetics is the rage) breakthrough stories "just around the
corner". Pity for us, not you, we never get around the corner where
drugs are concerned. Ralph Moss on the cancer industry

The list of cancers that respond to chemotherapy is almost identical to
the list of 25 years ago. Chemo is only effective in 2-4% of cancers
(Yes, 2-4%), And not without
significant side effects as with surgery and radiation. Two of these
therapies can actually cause cancers! How about the dangers of
radiation from mammograms
where the author shows that past exposure to ionizing radiation ---
primarily medical x-rays --- is responsible for about 75 percent of
the breast-cancer problem in the United States.

Prevention, not too hot either as cancer deaths increased between 1975
and 1991 from 162 per 100,000 to 173 per 100,000. Getting nowhere
basically. And, I don’t know about cancer but your therapies sure scare
the hell out of me! It is hard not to mention AIDS chemotherapy at this
point, AZT. This has not cured one single person (yes, not one single
person) but without a shadow of doubt actually hastens their death!--, or the data about some of
your drugs being the origin of AIDS, the lid
is coming off that one.
> Nearly as irritating are those who claim they've been cured of
> various incurable diseases by some non standard means, but who get all
> shy when it comes to showing a little evidence of their claims.

Sure must be annoying when the opposition have more success, bad for
business (Disease & Drug Inc). I have a book of 30 macrobiotic cancer
cures (any one will do for the Time cover). Another on nutritional
cures, Anne Frahm is tailor made for Time cover, here is her number,
give her a ring: 719 593 8694
Essiac case histories, they have to make do with 50 year old ones for
public consumption Didn't
Gerson have 50 terminal cures in his book, you had 30 years to put them
on Time cover. Lets tell everyone about our recent cures and get Essiac
banned. Oh yes they have banned its use in Australia now, too much
competition. That sure helps anyone to get those case histories doesn't

Remember the time you were caught with your hand in the till for trying
to put chiropractors out of business? Nothing like a medical monopoly
to give us the best medicine.

>Why, I want to know, shouldn't they be treated like saucer contactees?

I can picture the editors now thinking. We have someone cured with
laetrile (must be thousands of these) folks, shall we run with the truth, a cheap
cancer cure that could destroy a $7 billion yearly chemotherapy drug
market (and threaten the 109 Billion dollar cancer industry) belonging
to our owners and put hospitals out of business. No contest. In fact
it never gets to editors, the journalist know what subjects they can
write about, and cheap cancer cures isn’t one of them, I have tried

Thanks Steve, nice try. Save it for your disciples.

John Scudamore

Hunting the myths of The Great Drug Cult.

> Steve Harris, M.D.


Good advice of yours that nutrasweet is safe: &

About time you told us about the dangers of fluoride, root canals and
dental amalgam: & and and Tom Warren I know, I know, it would interfere with
your multi billion dollar alzheimer drug market.

Hope you aren’t advising people to eat margarine or not telling them of the
dangers of the pill
The "downplayed" dangers of radiation

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