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HIV and AIDS; Vaccine-therapy for AIDS

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Stuart Shakman

Jun 27, 1996, 3:00:00 AM6/27/96

Subject: HIV and AIDS; a therapeutic vaccine for AIDS

In accord with the work of Edward C. Rosenow, who served as
head of experimental bacteriology with the Mayo Foundation from
1915 to 1944, HIV may be a dissociative or even invasive phase of
the causative organism of AIDS.

Dr. Rosenow demonstrated how a wide range of diseases,
including reference to disease of the "blood-building tissues",
are secondary to oral foci of infection, primarily diseased and
non-vital (root-canal-filled) teeth and secondarily tonsils.

Dr. Rosenow also developed effective therapeutic vaccines. His
regimen for MS may be of particular interest in the case of AIDS.

For discussion of AIDS as a typical oral focal disease, and
proposed resolution of the HIV-AIDS riddle, please see "AIDS -
The Riddle Solved":

Vaccine-therapy details, preparation and administration:

Overview of Dr. Rosenow's work:

Complete bibliography and index to Dr. Rosenow's nearly 300
published articles, spanning the period 1902-1958:

Best wishes,
Stuart Hale Shakman,


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