Jaguar $89, Systemworks 3 $77, iPods $249, 100MB Zip Dr $49

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Doug Watts

Jul 11, 2003, 8:15:44 AM7/11/03

New Specials

Slew of ipods for Windows starting at $249.49

OS X.2.3 Jaguar CD Only, no retail box, full install, only $89.99

iMac600 Special Edition Snow 128/40/CD, factory refurb with 1 year apple
warranty, only $599.49

iBook 900mhz 40gb Combo, Factory Refurbished with Apple 1 Year Warranty,
only $1279.49

Norton Systemworks 3.0 with Intego Net Barrier 1 CD for $50 rebate for

Apple Zip 100MB IDE G4 Kit w/Bezel only $49.99

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Bundle for $299.99

Logitech Cordless Access Duo Refurbished for $24.49

Excellent Childrens software titles all under $10

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Bundle for $299.99

IBM 340MB Microdrive for only $49.99

Norton Systemworks 3.0 Pre-Order for $107.99

Rio 600 32MB MP3 Player, Itunes compatible, for only $29.49

Microsoft Office X Upgrade CD Only $179.49 (going up to $189 next week. Get
them now!)

PowerMac Beige Desktop G4/1GHz/768MB/40GB/CD/Zip/USB & FIREWIRE for only
Where else can you get todays' USB and Firewire, PLUS yesterdays' SCSI,
Serial and ADB all in one box!!! Plus internal IDE and SCSI!!!

PowerMac Beige AIO G3/500 160MB/4GB/CD/TangoUSB2&Firewire for $399.99
A Great computer for starters!! Offers USB, Firewire, SCSI, Serial, ADB!

PowerMac Beige Desktop G3/500MHz/160MB/4GB/CD/Free USB ONLY $289.49

M-Audio Sale is back on! Free Ground shipping!!

Beige G3 Upgrade Bundle (G3/500 Card & 2 Port PCI USB Card) for $159.49

PowerMac G4/450 128/20GB/DVD/AGP/ZIP for $679.99

PowerMac G4/500 128/30GB/DVDRAM for $799.99

Sonnet Encore 1Ghz for Beige G3s w/256MB included for $599.99

Sonnet Encore G4 800Mhz Upgrade for G4 Towers for only $269.49

Sonnet Encore G4 1GHz Upgrade for G4 Towers for only $414.49

Sonnet Encore G4 1.2GHz Upgrade for AGP G4s for only $511.49

5400/180 32MB/2GB/CD now only $59.49

Apple PowerMac G3 All-In-One 233MHz for $189.49

M-Audio Midi Sport Uno for only $39.99 w/Free Shipping

AnchorPad Apple Tower Entrapment System for only $24.99 (Retail is $150!)

Apple 16x10x40x12 Combo CDrW/DVD Drive for $69.49

Apple/Pioneer DVR-104 IDE Superdrive for $169.49

Apple / Seagate 73GB SCSI 68pin Hard Drive for $299.99

Apple/IBM deskstar 40GB IDE Hard Drive for $69.99

Pick a FREE software title (nothing added for shipping either!) with every
FedEx ExpressSaver Shipment (values up to $15).

Clearance in progress with many items being added daily. Software from $1,
powerbooks from $49.99

These prices are for mail-order on-line purchases outside our retail area
only and are subject to change and quantity on hand.

Please call or email any of our friendly and helpful sales staff with
questions about these items, or any others you may need. Price may be
rounded down to the nearest dollar.

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