Bowflex RODS... Loose Resitance!!!!

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Dec 14, 2003, 11:41:28 AM12/14/03
I tryed a Bowflex yesterday at a local authorized dealer...

I did like the fact that you could work thru and change to an
entirely different exercise with ease... Not bad workout...

Here is the CLINCHER and reason I AM NOT buying one to date>>>

*** The RODS loose there RESISTANCE... I noticed that the 50lb RODS
was a good 1/3 already stretched out... This was very apparent when
the 2 RODS in question were unhooked from the clip!!! And, when
used, you only got the resistance when you had the rod bowed about
half into the rep... I mentioned it to the dealer and even called a
BOWFLEX service rep on it...

All I got from the REP was that you could send them back and have
them tested... and if BOWFLEX thought they were loosing there
resistance they would send you a new ROD??? This is arbituary...
For the consumer... how do you know??? Than I just got
drilled... "would you like to purchase a Bowflex today Sir?"

What a bunch of mularky....

Anybody out there have an opinion on this??? or is everyone just
shellin out the bucks!

If anyone has a newsgroup I could better POST this question or a website
that could address this concern I would appreciate it?

Lastly, FREE WEIGHTS are a great workout... there is time and a space
concern when working out... that is why I have considererd alternatives like
the BOWFLEX... perhaps a totalgym is the answer???


Roger Blake

Dec 15, 2003, 9:41:31 PM12/15/03

"dano" <> wrote in message
Springs, and Bowflex rods are springs apply force in proportion their
extension. Hooke's Law. So twice the force then twice the extension. This is
a weakness of this type of system same with SoloFlex. With free weights you
have the same force throughout the range of motion of the exercise. With
Bowflex, SoloFlex, and brand-xFlex, you get linear increasing force..I am
going on logic and reason rather than experience with these machines.

So long as the spring is undeformed, has not yielded, it won't loose
resistance. Theoretically it will fatigue over time but if the unit is well
designed and I imagine it would be this should not be a problem.

Bottom line, the unit you tested is probably typical.


Dec 29, 2003, 10:58:42 AM12/29/03
Nothing beats a free weight workout! That's a fact. I used to have
one of those bowflex-type machines....very unnatural lifting
movements. I know what you mean about delayed resistance, which is
why, after a few different kinds of machines I went back to good ol'
free weights. Have been lifting for several years and still do a
complete dumbell routine most of the time because it's so versatile.
All you need is a bench and a rack for your weights, doesn't take up
much room at all.



Jan 25, 2004, 11:47:25 AM1/25/04
From: dano (
Subject: Bowflex RODS... Loose Resitance!!!!

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Date: 2003-12-14 08:41:28 PST



I would appreciate if you could post your comments on my message board
as well. ( It is something
that I have discussed with many people. And I agree with you.

As far as the bows/bands loosing resistance, yes they do. Take a
rubber band. If you keep stretching it what happens. Over time if
fatiques and breaks. But the whole while its fatiquing it stretches
further and further. This produces less resistance for the same amount
of movement you used in the beginning.



Jan 25, 2004, 9:26:23 PM1/25/04

"KenP" <> wrote in message

So what? Replace the rod ( they don't run a test, they just send a free
replacement) or add more to the clip. See the post from mistaroboto. I've
had people useing the same rods for close to 5 years now.
Don't like it, fine....stick with what works for you.


Tom P.

Jan 26, 2004, 8:03:15 AM1/26/04
In article <>, (KenP) wrote:

I have had a Bowflex for 3 years now and check the resistance every six
months. The 50 lbs. rods have lost a max of 1-2 lbs. You need to tie
the rods together after a workout or they will stay bent.


Jan 30, 2004, 3:19:18 PM1/30/04
Found this interesting, thought I would pass this on.

Nautilus Recalls Bowflex Machines
Thursday January 29, 11:34 am ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Nautilus Group Inc. (NYSE:NLS - News) unit said
on Thursday it is recalling 420,000 Bowflex fitness machines due to
defects that have caused more than 70 reported injuries, and shares
plunged more than 17 percent.
The recall comes a day after Nautilus, which also sells products under
the Schwinn and StairMaster brands, said its quarterly profit fell 59
percent due to weak sales of its exercise machines, including Bowflex.

In a statement, Nautilus Direct said there have been at least 70
reports of the machines' backboard benches breaking unexpectedly, and
at least 18 reports of the machines' "Lat Tower" rotating forward and

The Vancouver, Washington, company said it has received at least 73
reports of resulting back, neck, shoulder, teeth and head injuries,
some of which have required stitches.

The recall involves the Bowflex Power Pro XL, XTL and XTLU systems
with the "Lat Tower" attachment. The machines were sold between
January 1995 and December 2003.

The "Lat Tower," which attaches to the Bowflex bench, has pulleys and
a bar used to develop the upper back and shoulder muscles,
specifically hitting the lateral muscles underneath the armpits.

Nautilus shares were down $2.45, or 15.5 percent, at $13.38 in morning
trade on the New York Stock Exchange (News - Websites) . The stock hit
a low of $13.11 earlier in the session and was the Big Board's biggest
percentage loser.

Colin Lanktree

Feb 2, 2004, 7:15:14 PM2/2/04
I think it is rediculous how we haven't been informed of this
directly. i have had a bowflex for a good 4 years now, and they
haven't sent me a recall notice or for me to even be aware of the
situation yet. has anyone else been notified other than going online
and finding out yourself?


Feb 2, 2004, 7:56:36 PM2/2/04
I asked my dad he had owned one for a long time and no recall for him either

"Colin Lanktree" <> wrote in message


Feb 2, 2004, 8:25:03 PM2/2/04
No legally they only have to make it public record I believe. Which they
did. They posted it on their website and released it to the papers. You also
have to check which model you have.


"Sardious" <yoursp...@dontsendit.fu> wrote in message

Datajunky ®

Feb 11, 2004, 8:41:10 PM2/11/04
I already called and they are sending out a repair kit free of charge to all
the customers in their "database" that purchase any of the pro machines with
a lat tower.

Good thing I have the Bowflex Ultimate XTLU because it is flawless.

"Lunafate" <> wrote in message


Mar 16, 2004, 12:49:19 AM3/16/04
I am a dealer for PowerTec, IronMaster, and BowFlex. I have since dropped
the entire BowFlex line due to problems not only with the rods, but with
other flaws. If you'd like some other, better (IMHO) choices, send a reply
and I'll get in touch with you.
"Tom P." <> wrote in message
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