REQ Info: Stamina 2020 Ab Hyper Bench vs. Cap Barbell FMG-3002 Crunch Bench

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Jan 20, 2004, 4:29:02 AM1/20/04
Can anyone recommend either of these two crunch benches? Which one
allows for more flexibility or diversity of ab exercises? Is one safer
to use than the other? Is one more comfortable than the other? Are
there other similarly priced products (<$100) that could be considered



Jan 23, 2004, 7:34:47 PM1/23/04
MojoJojo <Mojo...@PPuff.Com> wrote in message news:<>...

Hi Tia,

You may be better served by doing your abdominal work in a standing
position. You can use cables, tubes or elastic stretch material. It is
a much more effective method of training the abdominals and your core

Danny M. O'Dell, MA. CSCS*D

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