Arnold- Who the hell is Lacy?

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Apr 22, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/22/95
Who the Hell are You?

Ever since I started speaking out about the lies and hypocrisy
that I see around me, I have been asked, who the hell are you . What
right do you have to say anything that conflicts with the way I see the
world? I have been accused of lying, living alone or with my parents in a
basement, crazy, insane, and seeking fifteen minutes of fame among others.
I had not intended to get into my personal life, but it seems to be very
important to many. If you do not care, do not read this. I had thought
that truth backed up by fact was enough for the class of people on the
computer network. I have photos, the Weider magazines, the Arnia’s porn
tape, newspaper and magazine articles, but only four or five individual
have ask to see any of it. None of the media has asked, because they know
it is true. We a spoon feed reality by the power elite, and feed so well
the mob is welling to tear me limb from limb to maintain the illusion we
are being handed.

First of all, I am a 48 year old lily white American Indian from
North Carolina. I went to North Carolina State, but in the last 25 years,
I have forgotten how to punctuate. So, I am probably not going to write a
book unless I find a ghost writer, who is not afraid of being black balled
for life. My family includes many prominent people including a former
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Duke University and chairman of one
of the largest banks in the south. That and a dollar will buy me a cup of
coffee, I think. I do live alone, but I am married (separated), and have
eight step children. My wife knew that I was gay, but she wanted my money
and did a damn good job of getting it. I have been self employed since
1972. I print color photos for many of the top professional body
builders, and some actors. On the whole, I have to say that my life has
been much better than anything that I ever dreamed possible when I was
growing up.

At the age of 8, I discovered that I was capable of independent
thought. My father was doing some chickens in, and I started crying. He
told me that it was OK because animals did not have souls. I did not dare
say it to him, but I knew that he was wrong because I knew my dog, Spot,
loved me. I had learned in Sunday school that you had to have a soul to
love. I guess you could say that the bad guys, and Herr Schwarzenegger
are being undone by my dog Spot. Save the replies!

As for the fame thing, in the fitness industry and the gay
subculture, I am already famous or infamous, which ever you wish. I have
even had my fifteen minutes of fame in the real world. See the April 16,
1979 issue of “People” page 52. I am sure that many in L. A. and other
big cities will say “so what, big deal”, but we do not live in the real
world. I n 1976, I discovered that big business was using asbestos as a
heat shield in hairdryers. As the hairdryers aged the asbestos fibers
flew off in the air stream directed at your head. I screamed and shouted,
I called the newspapers and Ralph Nader, but no one did anything about
it. If I had not meet Bob Curry when he worked as an employment councilor
in N. C., nothing would have happened. Bob was working for NBC as the
producer of the consumer segment on the news. Because he remembered me
from our one meeting , he sent the dryer to a testing lab. It still took
over a year for the lab to tell them it really was asbestos and the right
size particles to cause lung cancer before the story came out. I had
majored in chemistry at State, but that did not seem to make me qualified
to say it was asbestos. Bob and Lea won and Emmy for the story, and at he
time it resulted in the largest consumer recall in U.S. history. Not to
brag to loudly but at the time, I was told that I had saved tens of
thousand of people from dying of lung cancer. The Washington Post and
Nader did not care, hairdryer were not glamorous. Who was Lacy Rich to
accuse Norelco and others of killing people. Surely someone else was in a
better position to know about this than me. Maybe they did, but they
didn’t say anything. One importer denied the presence of asbestos until
he was forced to produce the papers listing the component that the federal
government required him to have. Then it was “Holy cow, asbestos”. For
over two years I lived with the knowledge that every day that pasted, a
few more people would die from lung cancer that would not have if the
story had gotten out when I realized the truth.

As for my Hollywood credits, I printed all the photos used on the
short lived NBC game show The Time Machine that was hosted by John

I believe in what I say and write or I would not be saying it.

Lacy H. Rich, Jr. (213) 851-6585 Any attempt to delete or censor this
message before normal expiration shall constitute a violation of my civil
rights and is punishable by federal law.


Apr 23, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/23/95
Lacy, did you run out of nasty things to say about Arnold, The Weiders,
Dan Duchaine, and everyone else???? I can't believe you posted an
autobiography. Hey, you really need to see a psychaitrist, I think your
lithium dosage is too low...tweek it up again so you don't spew forth
those maniacal ravings...For those of you who do not know who Lacy
is...Mr. Rich is a nobody from California who has whack-o conspiracy
theories on how Joe Weider had gay sex with JFK and then had to have the
president killed in order to protect his image, but Lacy knows all about
this because it was actually a 3-way: Lacy, Joe and JFK. If you don't
believe me then look up Bullshit Magazine, issue #27 in 1974, there are
cool pix of the three of them (Lacy is the fat, bald dude in the pink

Mitchell Weitz

Apr 23, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/23/95
In (LacyR) said:

> Ever since I started speaking out about the lies and hypocrisy that I see

>around me, I have been asked, who the hell are you . What right do you
have to
>say anything that conflicts with the way I see the world?

Nobody has questioned your right to say what you want. The only things
that have been questioned are:

(1) whether it is inconsiderate to use up this newsgroup's bandwidth with
repetitive postings that are not pertinent to the subject of this
(2) whether you are a space cadet.

To these two questions, allow me to add a third:

(3) whether you are for real, or just playing annoying games to see what
type of reaction you can provoke by posting inane ramblings in multiple
newsgroups. (For the information of those who do not subscribe to
alt.showbiz.gossip, this Lacy person has posted similar rantings in that
newsgroup, including this idential "Arnold - Who the hell is Lacy" post to
which I am now replying.)

Let's take a vote.

> I have been accused of lying, living alone or with my parents in a
basement, crazy, insane, and
>seeking fifteen minutes of fame among others.

Again you misunderstood what has been said; I haven't seen any posts
accusing you of living alone or with your parents in a basement, or seeking
fifteen minutes of fame.

>I had not intended to get into my personal life, but it seems to be very
important to many.

Many? Who? Who considers it important?

>I had thought that truth backed up by fact was enough for
>the class of people on the computer network.

As a general proposition, "truth backed up by fact" is generally preferred
to "falsehoods backed up by fact," or "truth backed up by non-fact."
However, people do not perceive your maniacal rantings as "truth backed up
by fact." Rather, they perceive your statements as "fantasy backed up by

>Lacy H. Rich, Jr. (213) 851-6585 Any attempt to delete or censor this
>before normal expiration shall constitute a violation of my civil rights
and is
>punishable by federal law.

Yeah, right. Where did you get your J.D.? The Asteroid Belt School of

Mitchell Weitz

Michael W. Lucas

Apr 23, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/23/95
Me, I've had it. I've never sent anyone to my killfile in my life,
because I abhor any form of censorship. But I am -this- -close- to
sending the author there. One or two threads would have been okay. But
this is *way* out of hand...
1.) It isn't fitness-oriented.
2.) I'm not interested.
3.) It's posted all over the place, repeatedly.
4.) People keep responding angrily, making the problem worse.
5.) Don't know if any of it's true.
6.) Don't care " ".
7.) Even if it was and I did, *it's none of my business*!

[ oo] Michael
| That pesky Constitution. It says I can say pretty much what I want |
| to. It doesn't specify that you must like what I have to say. |


Apr 23, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/23/95
Well I have his attention!!!

From: (Mitchell Weitz)
Subject: Arnold- Who the hell is Lacy?
Date: 23 Apr 1995 02:07:26 -0400
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Kerstin U

Apr 24, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/24/95
This is really very sad... you seem bitter and scared of your
homosexuality. Why did you marry your wife if you were gay? She wanted
your money (you claim) what did you want from her to do that? Is that why
you rage in such anger and debase people in the body building world for
alleged "homosexual acts", because you hate who you are? I think you
sound like a very lonely, bitter man. I think you are trying to get some
attention here because of it. If what you say about the asbestos is true,
well congrats. But I don't understand how that has anything to do with
your personal vendetta against Arnold. Corruption of power exists
everywhere... especially in entertainment and pollitics...and believe it
or not, we on this newsgroup know it. I think you ought to stand back and
look at what you're doing, if you REALLY want to accomplish something,
can't you see that your rantings make people disbelieve you? And you
wonder why so few people wanted your information, did you ever consider it
was your behavior that made people assume your a nut and not serious?
Your approach undermines your goal. Lacy, I hope you get proffesional
help, and I mean that honestly... I hope you learn to accept yourself and
stop the paranioa. Good luck, Lacy... I hope someday you find real
happiness instead of the hollow rush of putting others down.
Kerstin U

Olga Hernandez

Apr 26, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/26/95

Olga Hernandez

Apr 26, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/26/95
Hi Kerstin,

Just a bit of friendly advice. I had a guy named Darrell who emailed me and
began attacking my "knee jerk" responses to LacyR. He was rude and obnoxious...
He obviously has a problem with non-related material being posted to this
newsgroup and he considers this thread just that. In keeping this thread up,
you might be the next one to get one of Darrell's nasty notes. I only wish I
could post it here for everyone to read... Its just amazing to me that he didn't
have the nerve to post it here himself.

PS. I'm in full agreement with telling Lacy to get some help

The last of my "knee jerk" responses - NOT

Bobbie Rivere

Apr 28, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/28/95
Olga Hernandez (olga.he...@daytonOH.NCR.COM) wrote:
: Hi Kerstin,

Hi Olga and Kerstin. I too got a "flame letter" from someone. I was so
surprised I just immediately deleted it. Can't remember if his name was
Darrell. It doesn't sound familiar. He may be using different names for
different people. And I feel better knowing I'm not the only one.


------------------------------- --------------------------------
* Bobbie Rivere * * Remember, it takes fewer *
* Merrick, NY USA * * muscles to smile than to *
* * * frown. Have a nice day :-) *
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Kerstin U

May 1, 1995, 3:00:00 AM5/1/95
Olga and Bobbie,
Wow, well, if I see such a letter, I'l just ditch it... the only letter I
got was from darling Lacy telling me I was stupid ::grin:: yea... right.
Well, I have to admit perhaps we are simply fanning the flame of such a
person by responding to him... and I guess it clogs the group up with non
related stuff, still hardly a reason for this Darell person to send nasty
email to 2 of the coolest cats I know :) Thanks for the warning, but it
is, after all just some schmuck being nasty, so delete the letter and
don't let it get get to ya! And I guess I am guilty myself of saying
somethings about Lacy that were perhaps not to kind (Like the living in
his parents basement thing) I was serious about him needing to get help
though IMHO. But so this Darell person doesn't get his panties in a wad,
back to fitness!!! I need some motivation, I was slacking off on vacation
to SC and I need to get back to work... or work out as the case may be :)


May 2, 1995, 3:00:00 AM5/2/95
AOL practiced cencorship and "inactivated" Lacyr account. The
truth does not seem to matter to them. Lacyr sent them proof of
his charges via fax but they have not responded.

Justice thru Truth


May 7, 1995, 3:00:00 AM5/7/95
go away

Robert Spector

May 7, 1995, 3:00:00 AM5/7/95
In article <3o4a57$dqd$>,

<Robbo Attack Mode on (tm)>

Okay, I've had it with you, clown boy. Let me say this in LARGE CAPS
because I know how much you love that:


Nobody cares. DEAL WITH IT!!!

I've got an idea for you, man of many accounts. Since you love posting
to m.f. so much, why don't you do what we do:


Workout there. You'll feel better. Maybe the endorphins released by
strenuous exercise will somehow correct the problem your neurons
in your brain seem to have.

Now I feel better.

<Robbo attack mode (tm) off>

We know return you to our regular m.f. programming.

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