Advice requested on Potts fracture --->Getting screws/pins removed from ankle...

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Apr 2, 2003, 11:05:05 PM4/2/03
Hi there

I was lucky enough to get a modified Potts fracture two years back. I find
that the screws are uncomfortable at times... pushing against the skin on
the lateral side (fibula) and discomfort / itchiness around the medial side
as well as possible irritation of the cartilage on the medial side (tibia)
when I am working out
I am usually very active: into weightlifting, cycling and a lot of steep
terrain hiking... or at least I was until this happened. My activities have
suffered since for many reasons, but now I want to regain my former physical
Things I cant do anymore: rollerblade and ice skating because of the
protrusion under the skin on the lateral side of the fibula.
I REALLY want to weigh the risks in getting the hardware removed! Any
constructive advice/opinions are appreciated.

I am posting an x-ray image taken shortly after surgury for your "veiwing

Responding directly would be very helpful


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