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Apr 10, 2004, 10:56:54 PM4/10/04
I am stuck just past the Stone Toad. I bomb the morph ball slot and lower
the acid pool. Then I get stuck. I can find 2 other morph ball slots. One
will raise the platforms except for 2 of them. The other, is not active. I
can't seem to get any further. What have I missed?

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Terry A. Austin

Apr 11, 2004, 10:59:12 PM4/11/04
OOPS - You mentioned nothing about having smoked the bark of the Yum-Yum
Tree by the Stone Toad. If you've forgotten that (critical) step you can
only redeem yourself by returning to the pewter castle and finding the Umber
Queen. Once there you've got to convince the Queen to apoint you Royal
Princess-Sitter. As the official nanny you will gain access to the inner
nursery where the only other accessible Yum-Yum Tree can be found.
Carefully peel away enough bark to roll into a cigar then make your way out
of the castle after the Princess falls asleep during her afternoon nap.

The Yum-Yum bark smoke will allow you to see that the second morph ball slot
is really an illusion and will allow you to target on the REAL second slot
which is, in fact 6.327 feet to the right and 1.116 feet down from the
apparent slot.

Hope this helps, though it might have helped more if you weren't asking in
an ebook newsgroup.

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