WANT TO BUY: NordicTrack Pro *computer only*

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Apr 2, 2003, 5:26:53 PM4/2/03
I have a NordicTrack Pro from about 10 years ago. Unfortunately, in my
most recent move, the computer was broken. NordicTrack doesn't make
the computer any more and the closest compatible replacement they have
is missing the heart rate feature. Bah!

If anyone's got an old NordicTrack Pro sitting in a closet and they
don't mind scavenging it for parts, I'd be very much interested in
buying a working computer. The one I'm talking about is this:

It's a black plastic box approx. 4" x 6.5". There are two columns of
buttons on the front, below the large LCD window. The buttons on the
left column are: TIME (Top), CAL (middle), and the red HEART button
(bottom). The buttons on the left column are: SPEED ^ (top), DIST V
(middle), and ON OFF (bottom).

There are two miniplug sockets along the bottom edge; the left one is
marked "Pulse" and the right one is marked "Speed."

On the back are the battery case (takes 2 AA batteries), two large
screws that hold the clamp that attaches the computer to the main arm
of the skier, and the six smaller screws that hold the computer

If you have one of these, and it works, and you're interested in
selling it, please email me.

Many thanks,

Peter Govoni

Apr 18, 2003, 4:06:36 PM4/18/03
I don't have the part (to give away) but I have a question for you. I also
have an older Nordic Pro and I have found a weird condition. The longer I
used the machine, the belt seems to heat up and get "tighter" making it
harder to ski the longer I go. For example, I start off and the tension
gauge shows a reading of "10". After only 5 minutes on the machine, the
reading will be "15" going onto "20". It's hard enough to do this machine,
without the torque continually increasing. I adjusted the spring tension as
far out as it goes. I purchased a new belt with the same results.
Currently it's so hard after 10 minutes, my heartrate goes up to 200 (I'm 52
y.o.) and I"m in pretty good shape, walking 3-5 miles per day.

Any ideas on adjustments?

Pete Govoni

"Josho" <jo...@josho.com> wrote in message

Jim Munson

Apr 19, 2003, 7:03:24 AM4/19/03
This is responding to Peter Govoni, I am wondering if the wheel might have
some gunk buildup in it. When I first got my Nordictrack I noticed the same
problem. I called the store and was asked if the wheel on my machine had
been painted on the inside track. I was told that if it was painted I
should use some fine sandpaper to get the paint off. I did this and the
problem was solved. Now it still shows an increase in tension as I use it
but to a much less extent. Check your flywheel and, if necessary, clean it
down to bare metal.

And for Josh, I would keep my eye on the want ads in the newspaper.
Nordictrack ski machines are sometimes available and can be had for very
good prices. Make somebody an offer he can't refuse.

"Peter Govoni" <peter...@cox.net> wrote in message

Peter Govoni

Apr 21, 2003, 9:54:11 AM4/21/03
Thanks to Jim Munson for the advice....it worked! I'm embarrased to tell
you that I bought this machine 13 years ago....gives you an idea how often
I've used it. However, I had contacted NordikTrack 8 years ago and they
didn't give me that same you did. Now, since I use it on rainy days only,
it works well. Thanks.
"Jim Munson" <muns...@bellsouth.net> wrote in message
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