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Jul 7, 2021, 7:07:06 AM7/7/21
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, what do most people know about the National
Education Association (NEA)? What do they know about teacher contracts? What
do they know about how tenure is earned? We the People must inform ourselves
so we can address things culturally, governmentally, and otherwise. How can
American citizens expect the school board to do the right thing if the
citizenry is not directly involved? Aristotle said that politics and culture
are simultaneous and America needs to be active on both fronts. The Democrat
Party exploits fissures in society and creates them where they might not exist.
American Marxists use the ideological enterprise of the media as a
mob, race, ancestry, gender, climate, economics, and anything else they can
to Americanize Marxism. Then, Louis Farrakhan hates white people and America,
and critical race theory is an attempt to write scholarship around his
ideology. This is just a mechanism to spread their ideology to all aspects
of society. Later, Olympian Gwen Berry is under fire again for racist tweets
that were unearthed from her past. Berry maintains that the National Anthem
doesn’t represent her. Afterward, Jen Psaki says the wealthy should pay more
in taxes to fund what the Democrats call infrastructure. Psaki and the White
House don’t realize that entrepreneurs don’t all use the same loopholes that
Biden did to pay fewer taxes including payroll taxes which Biden skirted on
his book and tour.

Daily Wire
Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Says It Will Teach Critical Race Theory In All 50 States, 14,000 School Districts

PJ Media
Olympic Athlete Who Disrespected the Flag Turns Out to Be a Flaming Racist


Jul 9, 2021, 10:06:13 AM7/9/21
Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

There are 267 less Americans in this world today as a result of the July 4th
weekend slaughters that take place in our inner cities, mostly black on black
crime. That should be the headline of every newspaper, that should be the
headline of every news story, and yet it’s not. Joe Biden going getting
another ice cream, forcing people to take vaccines on and on and on. How’s
Dr. Fauci doing? Chuck Todd is very concerned about the criticism Fauci. He’s
taking. Wolf, Circle back to all this. We’ll circle back to this seven days,
counting the days, counting the hours, seven days until the release of
American Marxism, and hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands around some of
this. This is my what is it, eighth book. I think and the most important that
we have right now, preorders, thanks to you, mostly hardcover, overwhelmingly
almost 200,000 preorders. It’s my ninth book, sorry, Mr. Producer, Just
Canada. But almost 200,000, and that’s thanks to you and I want to thank you,
but there’s only a week left. If you want to preorder, I would preorder now.
So the book arrives a week from today, first thing in the morning on your
stoop at your door. It’s almost 40 percent off on Amazon, you can order
there, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, whatever you’re comfortable with online.
We’ve talked about it quite a bit over the last three months. And now we’re
going to get to do a deep dive, you and me, together. It actually begins this
Friday night when I will be doing the full one hour are pretty much the full
one hour on the Sean Hannity show on Fox. With a one on one interview. That’s
this Friday night, 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, I’ll be on Fox and
Friends Sunday in the morning. On Tuesday, I’ll be on Fox and Friends. On
Wednesday, I’ll be a Martha McCullers. These are wonderful Fox people and Fox
shows. On Wednesday I’ll be on Martha McCullogh show and and not this Sunday,
but the following Sunday, Pete Hegseth will be hosting my show and
interviewing me on the book. Martha MacCallum, so we haven’t even begun the
press yet, but we will we will because, you know, I’m sitting here before the
show and I wrote a few notes to myself. Even though I prepared all weekend
long, still, there are things that bother me and I need to write them down to
talk to you about. What do we know about the National Education Association,
the American Federation of Teachers, these two big unions, they control
hundreds of billions of dollars of our tax money. Almost 80 percent of most
school districts budget goes towards teachers. What do we know about this
union? What do we know about your teacher’s contract in your school district?
What do we know about how teachers are rated and how they get tenure? What do
we know about what’s going on in the classroom? I saw something kind of funny
as I was working over the weekend. I had focus on in the background, I think
it was yesterday, maybe the day before. And one of their contributors came on
with an idea, Mr. Producer, and his idea was teachers should have body
cameras or at least there should be cameras in the classroom. Now, have we
talked about this for three weeks? We had a caller call with the brilliant
idea, brilliant idea that teachers should have. Body cameras like cops and
other people walk of, like I said, they might be tough, you know, they do
have to go to the restroom now and then and so forth. How about just cameras
in the classroom? I mean, all during the pandemic, we were told virtual
education is important. It’s good. The unions wanted it. No big deal. Well,
why can’t we still watch what the teachers are teaching our kids? Why can’t
we still watch what the teachers are teaching our kids? The unions will hate
this, the media will hate this. It’s one of the things we’re going to push
for, I’ll tell you now, it’s not even in the book we. We talked and so forth
at just one of the things we’re going to push for a very, very hard we don’t
know what’s going on in the classroom, we don’t know very much about
teacher’s unions used to be present a Landmark Legal Foundation. We know a
lot, but we as a people. Now, precious little. We know precious little about
these teachers contracts when they come up. You and I pay for them, but we
have no role in them. We expect these school boards to do the right thing.
They don’t do the right thing. Terms of teachers and merit and rating all up
for negotiation? Well, you know what, we need to change the narrative. We
need to change the narrative so people say Coulter comes before politics,
politics comes before a culture. I say they’re simultaneous. Aristotle would
say they’re simultaneous. We don’t need to separate them, but we do need to
fight on both levels. But we need to start playing offense, not just defense.
Then I look at colleges and universities. All these issues will be raised in
the book and are. We have no idea what’s taking place other than general
ideas. On college and university campuses, again, we pay an enormous amount
in federal but particularly state subsidies to colleges and universities. How
are the faculty chosen? How do they get tenure? How is their pay determined
what’s taught in those classes? Shouldn’t we have a say? And we’re paying for
all of this, ladies and gentlemen, gentlemen, we’re paying for all of this at
the elementary school, middle school, high school, college level, and we have
no say in anything. Because 100 years ago, John Dewey wanted it that way, and
John Dewey is the great icon of modern education, which is indoctrination,
social activism and all the rest of it. What do we know about what’s going on
in corporate boardrooms? We don’t know anything. But what’s going on in
corporate board meetings, we don’t know. Well, they do have meetings now and
then during the course of a year where people show up and raise questions and
pressure them. More on that in a week or two. How does the government make
laws? The vast majority of laws are not made by Congress, ladies and
gentlemen. There may be a massive bureaucracy. A massive bureaucracy that’s
there, regardless who wins and who loses political elections, whether it’s
president, whether it’s the House or whether it’s the Senate, they are there,
they are massive. And while the original thinking was we’d have these experts
and these expert architects reengineering society, you know, we’re seeing how
society should function. Number one, they’re not experts. How are they
experts? Quite the contrary. Many of them are union members. They have civil
service protection. Many of them are not experts. It’s the best job they
could find. That’s number one. Number two, how is that constitutional? The
Constitution was fundamentally altered by the United States Supreme Court
under pressure from Franklin Roosevelt. Does that mean we have to put up with
it for the rest of our time? How do you think Joe Biden is getting away with
what he’s getting away with? He stands on the shoulder, on the shoulders of
Obama, who stands on the shoulders of LBJ, who stands on the shoulders of
FDR, stands on the shoulders of Woodrow Wilson, who in some ways stands on
the shoulders of Theodore Roosevelt. And they all stand on the shoulders of
the early so-called progressive intellectuals. Or the bastard children of
Marxism. All of this can be proven. All of it is proven if you’ve looked at
any of the prior books, but this book is the most activist book I’ve written
since Liberty and Tyranny. It lays out the case of how they’re developing
mobs, how they’re promoting the fundamentals of Marxism, how they’re using
race, how they’re using ancestry, how they’re using gender, how they’re using
climate, how they’re using whatever they can. In any way they can to
Americanize Marxism. And they not only see fissures in this society, they
make fissures in this society. We’ve been discussing now for an entire year.
Critical race theory. Why? Because it’s in our face. Our children are being
indoctrinated. We’ve been discussing now since he came into Congress, the
green no deal. Why? Because she, the Marxists in the media, the Marxists in
our colleges and universities are pushing it and they’re pushing the agenda.
The Democrat Party has become an ideological party. It’s becoming ideological
party. Hardcore. The media have become in a lot an ideological enterprise,
hardcore. Now, they’re not going to want to be called Marxists, though, want
to talk about Joe McCarthy, the Big Red Scare. Ladies and gentlemen, this has
nothing to do with Joe McCarthy in the Big Red Scare. This has everything to
do with what comes out of their mouths, what they have written and what they
are doing. You can’t keep using these bromides and think you’re going to get
away with it. As you know, something’s changed, it’s completely different.
This isn’t like the old CROSSFIRE where had liberal and conservative debating
each other. This is much more serious. We had. Horrific, violent, costly
riots throughout the summer that were dismissed. What’s the big deal? The
Democrat Party couldn’t criticize it and pack some elements of the Democrat
Party. Many embraced it. Well, how does that work? What’s that all about? And
so we will get into this in some detail, as I say, the first interview I will
be doing is with Hannity, which will air at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday.
Then Fox and Friends Sunday on Sunday, logical. These are what’s scheduled
unless they’re cancelled, I doubt it. Then Tuesday, Fox and Friends,
Wednesday on Martha’s program and there will be others. Including my own. But
what’s mostly crucial here is not media appearances by me. It’s that we, the
people, inform ourselves. That we the people understand who and what. Is
doing this to our beloved country. And we need to address this. Culturally
and politically and in every other way we can think of. I read something the
other day, conservatives have never thought the culture wars and thought to
myself, yes, we did. And yes, we have, whether it’s prayer in school, whether
it’s abortion and so forth and so on. Yes, we have. But the Supreme Court
nationalized the cultural issues and decided upon itself that nine lawyers
dressed in black robes, often just five of them. We’ll make all
determinations when it comes to culture. We used to call these the social
issues. And the fiscal issues, the foreign policy issues, but they’re all
interrelated. As I wrote in Liberty and Tyranny, you can’t just break them
into nice, neat pieces. I guess people don’t remember those battles during
the Reagan administration, but they were serious and real battles, culture
battles. But we’ve lost those battles, and so we need to push back the. I
look very much to working with you, talking to you, all of us jointly in this
national town hall meeting here and discussing this at great length, my hands
have been tied behind my back to a considerable degree. But we’ll do this.
And when you do get your copy of the book, just take your time. One page at a
time, one chapter at a time. I don’t write stupid books for lefties, for
rhinos in the media. My audience is smart. You’re smart. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

By the way, I want every patriot who has a book coming out to succeed, wildly
succeed, I probably put more people on this program who have books than any
other national post in the country. So when I write my books, I don’t really
pay attention to what other people are writing or what their subjects are. I
am myopically focused. What goes through my mind, people ask me all this time
is what goes through your mind. How do you do it? I look at the nation and I
try and figure out what should I try to address? And, you know, I think this
every day when I get behind this microphone. And so that’s the nature of this
book. What’s going on? Why are we declining? How do we claw our way back? And
so I waited as long as possible to complete the book and turn it in about
three months ago. And the publisher has done everything humanly possible to
get it out as fast as they possibly can. What I’d like to come out a month
ago, of course, but it’ll be out in one week, just one week. I hope you’ll
all jump in with us. I hope there’s millions and millions of us who start to
engage in a big way in a way that won’t change our lives completely or have
your jobs. You’ll still do what you do with just a little time. You’ll think.
I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

I’m going to try and put this in a nutshell. I did the other day. Let me try.
Louis Farrakhan is a racist D.N.A. Sunnite, he hates white people, he hates
America. He believes America is a white supremacist, white dominated country.
Critical race theory is effectively an attempt to write scholarship around
Louis Farrakhan’s ideology. Let me repeat that critical race theory is
effectively an attempt to write scholarship around Louis Farrakhan’s
ideology. His racism is bigotry and so forth. Critical race theory is not
about American history. It is a racist, anti white separatist nationalist
ideology. And by antiwhite, I don’t just mean pigmentation, antiwhite meaning
people who are born of interracial marriage are questionable except for
Obama, of course. What else do I mean? I mean individuals, people of color.
But have you who do not buy into the Farrakhan mentality, they, too, are
condemned. But critical race theory is actually much more dangerous because
it’s not only an attempt to build scholarship around fair comes racism. Is an
attempt to build scholarship around Marxism, the Americanization of Marxism.
So in addition to building scholarship around Farrakhan’s racism. It uses
racism to build scholarship in support of Marxism. How many people who
believe in or teach critical race theory support capitalism? None of them.
They can’t because they’re Marxists. Because they’re Marxist. So they cannot
tolerate a colorblind society, people say Martin Luther King said they don’t
care what Martin Luther King said about a colorblind society. The sixty four
and sixty five Civil Rights Act. They don’t care about those, those are
attempts to paper over what is this white dominated society. It cannot be
fixed this way. It must be overturned. Hence, it is a violent. Fringe
crackpot ideology. Which is now being spread throughout our culture. Ian Rice
is a black man. He’s a father, he’s married to a white woman. Now, it wasn’t
that long ago when we celebrated interracial marriage as an advancement.
Diverse communities has an advancement and so forth. But not under critical
race there, because critical race theory is a separatist nationalist Farahani
Canyon, if you will, ideology. Hatched by communists. So here’s Ian Rice
again, Rice, a black that he has to go to this school board meeting and
basically tell the school board. To tell the teachers and the administration
to leave his daughter alone. And we are paying for all of this. We are paying
for all of it, cut three, go do it right. I’ve got two children here, the
county school district. It’s very apparent here by all of these parents have
been spoken that this board and the school district is failing. More
importantly, I came here to talk about race theory. This theory was never
meant to be brought into grade schools, high schools at all. It’s actually
taught in the collegiate atmosphere and more importantly, the legal portion
of the collegiate atmosphere to see different laws through the lens of race
from an ethics and ethical standpoint, right. Not for grade schools and high
schoolers. The problem of bringing into high school and race level is that we
don’t have the educators to properly teach these kids instead of using it as
their own agenda to indoctrinate kids to hate each other. And whether you
believe that to be true or not, the reality is that’s what’s happening with
the race theory is teaching that white people are bad. That’s not true. That
would teach my daughter that her mother is evil. You already have an educated
within your staff that has pulled my mother aside and said, well, you’re a
minority, so you know better than to engage in certain things. Oh, well, when
I was brought to the school detention, nothing happened to educator. Instead,
my daughter was brought in and she was ridiculed. So my question is now, with
critical race theory being brought in. What is your criteria to educate the
educators? And who are you to educate my children or any of our children in
life issues? That’s our job. Yes. Your job is to teach them math and science,
our job. This is about life. I believe racial issues and tensions across the
U.S. are nowhere near what they used to be decades ago. Do we have a long way
to go? Sure. Do we think the people out there need to be taught? Absolutely.
I believe the people here don’t look at me as a black man and they look at me
as a man standing in front of you addressing the issue that we all are very
passionate about. And you know, it’s interesting, despite what the elitists
say, whether they’re on TV and radio or writing books about race or racist
books, actually. Whether they’re playing basketball or the broadcasters or
whatever they are, the fact of the matter is prior to this push, prior to
this effort. Americans all did get a. But you see. The Louis Farrakhan.
Critical race theory ideology rejects. Diversity. It rejects interracial
marriage. It is a segregationist separatist nationalist movement. That’s what
it is. And the teachers unions announced the other day. That they’re going to
spread it throughout our schools. Who the hell do these bastards who run
these unions think are paying the bills around here? They have it upside
down. They work for us. We don’t work for them. This has got to stop. Who do
these administrators think they are with their lifelong jobs as assistant
superintendents and principals and assistant principals? Who the hell do they
think their employer is? It’s us. These damn school boards have become
appendages of the teachers unions. The. Sanctified parents, teachers
associations or organizations, same damn thing, their mouthpiece. For the
thugs. And you and I are going to have to address this as best as we can. We
can’t keep writing blank checks all the time. And be told that people are
underpaid. If it’s destroying our children and our educational system, in
that case, they’re not only overpaid, they need to have their asses booted
out of the classroom. We need to have a say in these teacher union contracts,
we need to have a say in how teachers are chosen and rated, we need to see
what’s going on in our classrooms. And I’m saying it now, even though I was
going to wait for a week or two, OK, let them let them repeat what I say. I
don’t care. No longer can universities and colleges just keep collecting our
tax and. Percentages of our income tax, state and federal, but mostly state.
But we have no idea what’s taking place when these faculty you’re going to
learn this book, what the faculty are actually doing to our children, what
they’re actually teaching them, not just Markes. Not just groupthink, not
just to the individuals. But they’re teaching them to riot. To become a mob.
In addition to hating their country. How are these faculty chosen? Why are
they immune from any pressure from any from any exterior input? Why? Why are
the teachers unions so powerful? It’s time for pushback. It’s time for
pushback. You see the Democrat Party. Is in bed with all of these. These
movements, that is how it’s decided to empower itself, in part, it’s helped
create these movements 100 years ago, 120 years ago. When this ideology was
exported to the United States. And imposed. On school, after school, after
school 120 years ago. There was sort of a wrestling match between the
Republican Party and the Democrat Party. Theodore Roosevelt was a so-called
progressive. Read Rediscovering Americanism. He was he idolized Dewey, he
idolized Crowley, idolized these early. Marxist Progressive’s. Woodrow
Wilson, too, in a different way. Same thing. Franklin Roosevelt to. So the
Democrat Party has embraced the ideology. And today has embraced it in a way
that is extreme and aggressive. And antithetical to our founding in every
respect. Some in the Republican Party embraces aspects of this Romney, among
others, but he’s not alone. We call them rhinos. They’re very tolerant. And
the counter-revolution. And they’re very hostile to those you and I, who are
trying and have tried in the past to stand up against it, or you must be a
right winger. Well, a Tea Party hack or whatever. They don’t matter to us,
none of these people matter to us. Now, there was an attempt in The
Washington Post, I’ll just show you how this works. And what has to be one of
the dumbest? Quote unquote, news articles ever written, even for that lousy
newspaper. By some guy named Jeremy Bar. Jeremy Bar looks like. A 98 pound,
pimple faced perfect, that’s what he looks like, not saying he is. But he
sits behind his keyboard. I know what I’ll do. And he wrote a piece that was
intended to attack me. But in many respects, I like that. In many respects, I
like the peace. Now, the timing was a little strange, so it was planted. It
was planted by a Manchurian host, I’m sure, but that’s OK. I don’t care.
Outrace this morning, the third hour. A Dummer article and a hit job. That’s
a hit job. I kind of like that, didn’t you, Mr. Producer? The headline was
bizarre, but I kind of like how dare I criticize? A colleague, a colleague,
let me tell you something, the vast majority of people that I deal with in
radio and TV are lovely, lovely people. And we’ve become friends or
acquaintances, very kind, decent people, the vast majority. Why else would I
be invited on these different shows and why else would I have people on my
show to promote their books from radio and TV? Hundreds and hundreds of
friends and acquaintances at Fox and Westwood One, in other broadcast
companies and other things that I do, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. The
guy finds two or three of my criticisms were deserved or deserved. And they
were public in front of millions of people, so somebody wants to respond,
it’s perfectly fine. That’s what you do. If you want to raise an issue. But
you’re going to see more of this, not just him, you’re going to see more
efforts to position, to create narratives, to character assassinate, because
in their hearts, the vast majority of the media. There are Linskey itz.
Personalized target destroyed their solinsky. Like I say, this is their
mentality now. It’s not news. It’s not always at this. Interesting. Oh, this
guy’s a different point of view. Now it’s destroying, OK. I’m uniquely
positioned to fight back, I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

A good friend of mine writes I The Washington Post piece was utterly
incoherent, it was, but there were things apparent I actually liked. Things
about it that were stupid and the timing tells you everything about who’s
involved in it, that’s OK, that’s the best they can do. It is. Because I’m up
front. Because I don’t I don’t play games, I’m proud of what I do here, I
have nothing but respect for you and my audience. I have nothing to hide.
They have a lot to hide. The people who leak of a lot. I have nothing to
hide. I tell you everything pretty much. You know, one last thing on this
when I write these books. I say to myself, am I making a buck too
complicated, am I making it too easy for me? Then I realized, wait a minute.
Have you ever actually read Marx Beyond the Communist Manifesto pamphlet?
It’s a complicated book or these college textbooks that go on and on. So the
left isn’t afraid of reading and being indoctrinated and so forth, so this
book is written for you page by page, chapter by chapter. That’s the way to
approach it. But first of all, you’ve got to get it. American Marxism. I hope
you’ll preorder your copy for when I return.

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