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David Dalton

Aug 31, 2020, 1:12:12 AM8/31/20
Here’s a (near) play on full moon:

null foam = what existed before the (supposed?) Big Bang

That reminds me of an old (1994) play of mine on “do not worry”:

donut whirry

though in that I was thinking whirry was a noun when actually
it is a verb meaning to go quickly. I was thinking that
whirry meant a foam.

Oh, in my original usage in 1994 I wrote

“donut whirry/wherry”

and wherry is a word for a rowboat or barge, so combining
the two (whirry and wherry) you would have a fast rowboat.

From Wikipedia:

"Quantum foam or spacetime foam is the fluctuation of spacetime
on very small scales due to quantum mechanics. The idea was
devised by John Wheeler in 1955.”

Also from Wikipedia:

"Zero-point energy (ZPE) is the lowest possible energy that a quantum
mechanical system may have. ... Physics currently lacks a full theoretical
model for understanding zero-point energy; in particular, the discrepancy
between theorized and observed vacuumenergy is a source of major

I also have postulated that time has an imaginary component
which was much more important near the (supposed?)
Big Bang.

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David Dalton

Aug 31, 2020, 1:20:38 AM8/31/20
On Aug 31, 2020, David Dalton wrote
(in article<0001HW.24FCBE2B00...@news.eternal-september.org>):

> Here’s a (near) play on full moon:
> null foam = what existed before the (supposed?) Big Bang

And of course there is this Wild Rover Poe-M from mid-June, 1993
which is supposed to contain some physics clues:

...FrEE_Lancers' G_yNhAME G_naw f/l/NAmiss, NuNe our Never 'n MOreo oo
OUIow, the uni-verse, L.whee DRUInk-rD
aura FU-syZY, G_ee, circle-T P/ToeMa-knEE
dense eNFanTime 'round T'Wean dark, from light
Dis lex 'ick T-waIsted AC-Scent PR-One to M/LIce
S/B hare, leaf is / all re but-t
fruit loops chopped, sum bits dropped, sLaphter and PneUNs
a par fait danSH Z\'est nu f(1) T fore too
Chi/me dark to light C/Home light to dark _ sea, ole Port ‘eh

have & helf, black et tan,
wHEY t' fur the rigged barE, tinders of nut and dew.
onDe leFt le femME noIre BB uRe gidde
all weigh fael sLlabelLs

Where the P/Toe is a reference to the p/tau method in Geophysics,
and the beer references in the last few lines I think are again
referring to a foam in part, and the onDe leFt is partly a reference
to ondelettes (wavelets). I’ll try to interpret all of it someday
but not tonight.
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