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David Dalton

Aug 18, 2014, 2:53:32 AM8/18/14
I am in the process of writing an approximately 750 word
autobiographical story for submission to
newyorkc...@gmail.com as requested recently on
soc.support.depression.manic by Dan.

Here is the rough draft, and I would appreciate any
proofreading suggestions or other suggestions for
My mystic bipolar autobiography

In 1986 I suffered a long mild depression which was treated first with
the tricyclic antidepressant desipramine, which didn't work and had too
many side effects, and then with another tricyclic antidepressant
nortriptyline which eventually worked but did cause my only epileptic
seizure in December, 1986. This depression was during a low year of
the 11-year solar sunspot cycle.

Then early in September, 1991, while I was organizing orientation week
activities at the University of British Columbia Graduate Student
Centre, and had experienced some inspiration from musicians including
Sarah McLachlan, and had experienced shaktipat from my yoga teacher, I
went into my first manic episode, which started with a shower of ideas
early on Sept. 1 and culminated in a naked sun stare, thorn hill climb,
and blue rose vision on Sept. 5/6. Just before the start of the manic
episode there was some clear sky lightning, which I relate to an M-class
solar flare maybe two days before that. This manic episode was during a
high year of the 11-year solar sunspot cycle. During the sun stare I
observed a curved tunneling effect, like a divine horn of oil with its
wide mouth towards me, and then giant butterfly wings of space folded in
on me and I blacked out and fell into the water. All this occurred
during waning crescent moon.

After that I was on a mental health ward for five weeks while my lithium
level was gradually increased, and then I experienced lithium blues for
about five months but then got used to the lithium. Then in May, 1992,
during waxing gibbous moon, I smoked a marijuana joint on Wreck Beach to
supposedly relax and it sent me into a mixed/psychotic episode which
resulted in a week-long hospitalization which I came out of on 5 mg
haloperidol/day in addition to the lithium level of 0.8. Then in early
July of 1992, during early waxing moon, I had a suicidal period which I
came out of when my psychiatrist told me to come off the haloperidol.
After that I only used haloperidol on rare occasions as needed, not

Then in the next 2.5 years I experienced three more waxing gibbous moon
trials, all triggered by alcohol use, and also three more waning
crescent hypomanias with onset 5.5 lunar months after each waxing
gibbous moon trial onset. Based on the first two 5.5 lunar month
separations I predicted the late August/early September, 1994 waning
crescent high. Also after the March 1994 waxing gibbous moon trial I
gave up drinking alcohol during the week before full moon but continued
to drink at other phases with no ill effects. Also I had one more
mystic waning crescent high in early July 1994 that did not have a
waxing gibbous moon trial precursor but did like the others have an
M-class solar flare two days before. Like the September, 1991 high the
June, 1993 high and the August/September, 1994 high had clear sky
lightning at their onsets, and the early January, 1994 high had highly
variable weather associated with it.

Then beginning early in 1996 I entered into what I call low years, low
in terms of creativity, at times in terms of mild depression, at times
in terms of delusion and even paranoia. For past figures such low years
seem to have lasted seven years but for me they have lasted 18.5 years
(as of July 29, 2014) so far, I think since I have had the benefit of
modern medicines, and since lifespans are longer today on average. It
could be that my low years will last not much more than 18 years (7
years plus an 11 year sunspot cycle) so I hope to come out of them soon
after this writing date, which is August 18, 2014. But on my current
medication regimen, which consists of 1250 mg divalproex sodium and 10
mg olanzapine nightly, the low years are not very low except in terms of

I have also done comparisons of my cycles to those of past figures. The
three figures I have the most evidence that I am similar to are Gwion
(Taliesin), The Turquoise Bee, and Jesus (the heavens opening and wings
descending during Jesus's baptism I liken to my sun stare experience I
described earlier). For more detail on my comparisons to them and other
past figures, my mystic bipolar autobiographical details, and my
spiritual path and main messages, do a web search for Salmon on the

David Dalton dal...@nfld.com http://www.nfld.com/~dalton (home page)
http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"The sky full of stars, Like a french lace gown; Shimmer, glimmer
I think I'm gonna fall; Whoops catch me mama, that's all" (David Wilcox)
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