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Pacesetter Story: Bunch of Jerks

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Ima Myself

May 3, 2003, 2:28:20 PM5/3/03
Found these stories on a website, and thought I'd share in case they
go away. Most are good reads.

Bunch of Jerks

The Pacesetter salesman wanted to charge us $3,400 for 2 storm doors
and 1 solid door. I priced them elsewhere and I could buy the same
thing and have it installed for less than $800. When I laughed in his
face about the price he came up with a special "promo" price of
$2,400. (which took him for ever to calculate for some reason). I
then had to ask the question that if we would have agreed to the
$3,400 that's what we would have been charged. The saleman said no he
just had to show me the "retail" price first. Whatever......Then
another Pacesetter guy called about a week later and wanted to know
why we didn't buy the doors. I told him we could get them for about
$800 at L****'s. He said "Go to L****'s then!!!" and slammed down the
phone. What a bunch of jerks!

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I assume the store being referred to is Lowe's.

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