Pacesetter Story: Brain Disorder

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Ima Myself

May 3, 2003, 6:21:22 PM5/3/03
Found these stories on a website, and thought I'd share in case they
go away. Most are good reads.

Brain Disorder

I also was just contacted by a person who represented Pacesetter
corporation. This person identified himself as Ryan Mounkes(sp?) from
Omaha, Nebraska. This is the first time I have ever heard of this
company. I asked this person if he was a telemarketter and he said
No, he just wanted to give me some information about the company and
they have a representative in the area. I asked him again are you a
telemarketter and he said NO, i asked this person if he was solicity
business for this company and he dodged it again. He then told me he
has a brain dissorder. I then asked him what the name of the company
was again and he told me pacesetter, I asked him if the company is
incorporated, he told me that he did not know, I asked him what the
telephone number was for pacesetter and he responded that he did not
know. Well, he called the wrong person this time... and I told him if
he calls back, it will be the last time he calls this number.. If
anyone has any feedback.. feel free to e- mail me.

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