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Dim Witte

Nov 7, 2023, 1:36:08 PM11/7/23
My frugal-living style allows me to buy a few items for my satisfaction. This includes setting up better coffee and tea making ingredients, including water.

So I invested in a water distiller from Amazon, a Vevor for $80, which makes a gallon every three hours, and use it in my old-fashion glass percolator along with some good Columbian Supreme coffee beans that I grind in a little chopper.

This is working well, the Vevor is quiet and automatically turns off when done, and the water is good tasting enough so that I keep some cold in the refrigerator as an alternative to coffee, tea, or other.

Question about relying on the water distiller is "What about the lost minerals?" But I found out that we get most of our minerals from food, not water. But still, would the water taste better with minerals in it? I do use a charcoal filter that might improve it a little.

But what about the likelyhood that bottled water everyone buys would be tastier, if less convenient?
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