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"On a scale from 1-tacky as hell, how would you rate this?"

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Nov 13, 2023, 5:09:26 PM11/13/23
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From Particular-Nowhere84:

An acquaintance of mine just had a baby last December. 5 months later, she’s gets pregnant again. Then proceeds to, not only have another baby shower with a full registry and everything. But goes online, and after thanking everyone who attended, she says she “still needs some things that are on the registry.”

You literally just had a baby not even a year ago and, not only did you have a baby shower like…as soon as you could, but you’re asking for the stuff you “still need” that people didn’t buy you?

I mean, tacky? Anyone? If you can’t afford that stuff, maybe stop having babies back-to-back? The fact that anyone bought you anything off that registry is already incredibly generous. “But there’s still stuff we need.” Then…go buy it. It’s literally no one else’s problem you’re having more kids than you can afford right now…

*Update detail. I She even wrote “the must have items are marked.”

I mean…just…wow!!!


Beaver Fever

Nov 14, 2023, 12:40:47 AM11/14/23
I would unfriend that acquaintance.

Now on the flip side, the amount of friends starting GoFundMe's due to health problems is pretty staggering. But most just post appeals in their feed.

I have actually donated to a few including giving a good friend $1500 because he was so sick with some mystery illness including a non functional bladder that he was just laying in bed facing eviction and what was the apartment management going to do, just carry him out and leave him on the sidewalk unable to move and put his cat to sleep? Eventually the infection cleared and he got a really good behind the scenes job at a theme park which is he happily working, with a still non functional bladder. But he is a bit older than me and a very large influence on adolescent and teenage me setting me on this course and for that I cannot thank him enough.

But one who I met a gig once or twice in 2010 (!!) and hooked up on Facebook but oddly only ran into once or twice since has sent 2 direct appeals to my inbox. I saw the preview so I can leave them unread so I don't even know what the issue is but that is a bit more forward than I am comfortable with. Of course some of this is the US health care system where you can't afford to be sick.

Meanwhile I just turned 50, don't have health insurance, never been to the doctor and not at all comfortable asking my "friends" (mostly random acquintances) to donate when the bomb drops. As a matter of fact I think I am going to tell my mom now no one is allowed to beg my friends for money on my behalf.

Of course part of it could be my problem, if you saw my public Facebook persona you might think I was rich.

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