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Article on DINKS - just found it

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Feb 7, 2024, 3:44:25 PMFeb 7
By Juliana Kaplan and Bartie Scott.

"The sweet, sweet life of America's DINKs: Couples with two incomes and no kids are living it up like never before."


...Of course, not all DINKs are raking in six-figure incomes and investing in real estate. Alex Killingsworth is a 25-year-old entrepreneur building a content-writing business, and his wife is a full-time graduate student. She makes $14,000 a year as a teaching assistant, while his business earned them $84,000 in 2023. Not having kids has allowed them to invest in his startup and her higher education, both of which they believe will pay off.

"I'm 'investing' in the work I'm doing," Killingsworth said. "Likewise for my wife, almost all of her income is going into research, so our actual take-home pay is quite a bit lower."...

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