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"Broke parents are armchair financial advisors"

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Dec 5, 2023, 8:32:27 AM12/5/23
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By AdAny7443

"Flared this as humour because it made me laugh. Has anyone else noticed how a lot of people with kids are forever moaning about how they never have money, but suddenly become financial experts when they wanna lecture you about how you spend yours?

"I've had a conversation recently where a friend of mine who has 3 children has pissed away his money on stupid collectibles like funko pops, and has been scammed out of 1k somehow by making purchases. He's admitted that he's behind in rent payments, car payments and loan repayments and was complaining that his internet provider has been chasing him because he hasn't paid the bill and went on to cry about how they've slowed his internet because he hasn't paid it.

"But then, I mentioned how I'm going away on holiday next week and I'm attending a few concerts, I got the best ticket packages and I'm meeting the artists. He suddenly starts telling me how it's a 'waste of money' and not worth it. I started laughing because this person can't even pay an internet bill and has 3 kids to feed but he's trying to lecture me about my finances. When I mentioned it he brushed it off as 'well that's what happens when you have kids', as if someone forces people to have kids.

"Has anyone else experienced this? Without sounding egotistical or something, I find it hilarious that people who can barely put food on the table suddenly try to push their medicore financial opinions onto those who can actually plan, budget and save on top of managing their normal bills. Why do people who are so piss poor with money, particularly those with children, always seem to think that they have all the answers?"
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