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Rich Winkel

Aug 19, 1991, 11:31:57 PM8/19/91
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** Written 11:15 pm Aug 15, 1991 by wings in **
TO: Community Station Current Affairs Programs
FROM: Frieda Werden (WINGS), PO Box 5307, Kansas City MO 64131
DATE: August 15, 1991
RE: Unusual offer

We have just received a cassette marked "no copyright" - with
a request to copy and pass on to radio stations. It's an
English-language overdub of a reggae-style narration recorded
in Italy, describing a "Gladio" paramilitary organization
supported by U.S. tax money for the past 40 years but only
recently uncovered by the press.

The "song," titled "RadioGladio," is 4:03 minutes long.

The source that sent it to us lives in Italy and said that
Italian journalists had trouble getting the story out so they
made a music tape out of it.

The English version is directed toward an American audience,
and says that Gladio's alleged purpose, to forestall a
Communist takeover in Italy, has long been absurd.

We don't know who the original source is, but there is a U.S.
contact on the label: Andrew B. Caploe, Culture Contact,Inc.,

You may wish to call him to get a copy of the tape - they are
probably free and better than later-generation dubs.
If you can't reach Culture Contact, send us a blank cassette
& a self-addressed envelope with 52 cents postage, and we'll
dub it for you.

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