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Governed by Corporations

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Mar 20, 2011, 12:47:45 AM3/20/11
Governments are Corporations and
they are not broke or accountable, as any
"Comprehensive Annual Financial Report"
will show.

Find out how all that works,
what is being hidden and why.

Please, watch it here and order
a stack for friends and family.

"The Corporation Nation" is now available on
DVD, from the Project, for a dollar or, two.

The Project is a non-profit
ministry for education.

"Education is our total strategy
and truth is our only weapon,"
Robert Welch

For now, anyway.

Ron Neil

Please, test the project site looking for
difficulties with navigation or, whatever.
Comments are welcome and important.

Be so kind, pass this mailing along to others.
Please help get more views on the Project site,
more acitvists using DVDs, more freedom
understood with more properity for those
that will follow us, like our children.

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