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Another "special" government program

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Brasscheck TV

Mar 18, 2011, 12:20:22 PM3/18/11
Monday we saw that the UK created Saudi Arabia
and the US arms and controls it.

Glad to see how many people found that historical
background interesting.

A week or so ago, we saw that the ATF (Bureau
of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) permitted large
numbers of illegal arm shipments to drug cartels
in Mexico.

Today, we've got a video about another "special"
program. I call it a "Visa for Terrorists' program that
was set up specifically for Saudis in...June of 2001.

It was run by the CIA for the benefit of the citizens
of just one country - Saudi Arabia - and was the only
program of its kind in the history of the US ..


- Brasscheck

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