Web video: Ray Sandford vs. Forced Electroshocks

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Mar 17, 2009, 10:21:58 PM3/17/09
MindFreedom International News - 17 March 2009
http://www.mindfreedom.org/ray - Alert 15

Ray Sandford in Online Video Against Forced Electroshock!

Agency Demands Tape, Tries to Censor Ray's Video

You can now watch a free five-minute web video of an electroshock
survivor and his allies speak out against his ongoing forced

Ray Sandford lives in a group home out in a community just north of
Minneapolis, Minnesota. Every three weeks he is woken up early, and
under court order brought 15 miles north to Mercy Hospital for a
forced electroshock under court order.

Ray has had more than 40 forced electroshocks so far.

Ray's next scheduled forced electroshock is Wednesday, 25 March 2009.

IndyMedia, MindFreedom and volunteers worked together to help Ray
tell his story to you, on an online video.

You may watch the video in any of these three places:

*** Indy Media web site -- which includes IndyMedia news release, and
personal statement by mental health advocate Daryl Trones:


*** On YouTube, where you can add public support comments:


*** On this MindFreedom web site:


Ray, his mom, and Daryl speak in their own words, and for themselves,

But Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, which is funded by
taxpayers to protect Ray, has had their attorney George Borer issue a
letter dated 4 March as a "final notice" trying to seize the original
tape, and prevent "dissemination" without their approval!

*** Take Action! *** Take Action! *** Take Action! ***

1. Please view Ray's video, and forward the links above to others!

2. If you can, download the video to prevent any censorship by LSSMN.

3. Contact President Obama about Ray, and find out about upcoming
peaceful protests in Minneapolis/St. Paul and elsewhere in May, click


For more information about the Ray Campaign, including Ray Blog,
Frequently Asked Questions, and more, click here:



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Independence, mutual support and strength in numbers are why
MindFreedom is one of the few groups in the world to break the
silence about existence of involuntary electroshock for over two

MindFreedom is the group that got the World Health Organization to
come out against all forced electroshock!

This people power is why Ray had somewhere to turn, when he asked his
local library to find human rights organizations! Take action.

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