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From: Healthy World Message
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November 13, 2009 1:37:24 AM GMT-05:00 Subject: Vaccine Victims
Blamed for "National Emergency"

Tetrahedron, LLC Health Science Communications for People Around
the World


Release: No. H1N1-33 Date Mailed: November 12, 2009 For Immediate
Release Contact: Sherri Kane--310-877-3002;<>

Vaccine Victims Blamed for "National Emergency":

Smoking Guns Indict Murdoch's Media in Deadly Corruption

By Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

In Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692, medical doctors failed to determine
the cause of bizarre behavior among youngsters in that town. Religious
zealots, steeped in their cult, diagnosed satanic possession to
justify criminal prosecutions and serial slayings.

publication of "Why you can't get swine-flu vaccine" in Rupert
Murdoch's New York Post (Nov.

3, 2009) by Robert Goldberg, Vice President of the Center for
Medicine in the Public Interest, proves how human intelligence has
devolved since Salem's victims were blamed to popularize status quo
psychopathology, social injustice, and mass murder otherwise called
institutionalized genocide.

According to Goldberg, partnered with Peter Pitts, mainstream media's
health pundits for consumer protection, the H1N1 National Emergency
declared by Barack Obama is due to fringe lunatics who think mercury
is harmful when injected by vaccines; not "vaccine shortages".

Goldberg blames people like me for heralding mercury toxicity's
links to neuro-developmental and behavioral disorders in children
(e.g., autism). We are blamed for allegedly pressuring governors
into ordering single versus multi-dose vials (as if the government
of the US has ever listened to vaccine prohibitionists). The different
vials have differing mercury concentrations (which indicts lacking
industry standardization of heavy metal toxic mercury levels
evidencing gross criminal negligence rationalized by pseudoscience)
and the single dose vials are more costly and time-consuming to
produce. Thus, we victims of mercury intoxication and vaccine
injuries are blamed for the alleged vaccine shortage and national
Model State Emergency Health Powers Act implementation advancing
across the country.

They Are Killing Us

[]I suffer from
eczema--a common condition linked by
&gl=us&client=firefox-a> to vaccine mercury and/or injected foreign
proteins causing multiple chemical sensitivities and autoimmune

Vaccine-linked eczema now curses between 10-15 percent of the
American people.

Eczema is most often caused by vaccination intoxication. Human
bodies are injected with mercury and foreign proteins that attach
to normal body parts.

The combination of mismatched protein parts forms an "antigenic
complex" that is attacked by white blood cell bodyguards. This
results in the vast majority of autoimmune diseases, including
eczema. Such diseases profit petrochemical-pharmaceutical
industrialists.* My mother died of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
from the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine campaign. My sister-in-law was
crippled with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) from a hepatitis B vaccine.
My brother-in-law receives Canadian military compensation for a
vaccine injury called multiple sclerosis (MS). My best friend has
type-1 diabetes thanks to a flu shot. These illnesses are all
autoimmune diseases proven in science to be linked to, or caused
by, vaccinations.** I testified briefly before the US Congress on
vaccine mercury's link to autism. I personally witnessed legislative
officials' gross criminal neglect of the scientific study commissioned
by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) by Verstraeten, et. al,
dy001%20-%20Internet%20File.pdf>Thimerosal VSD Study: Phase I--
%20study001%20-%20Internet%20File.pdf>." Herein, definitive links
between vaccine mercury intoxication and neuro-developmental and
behavioral disorders in children were reported. This report was
originally censored, then modified, for subsequent official
publications eliminating all findings condemning vaccine mercury,
thus keeping autism a "medical mystery."

Today, everyone practicing any form of natural medicine is endangered.
Energy medicine is particularly suppressed along with paradigm-shifting
biophysics, hydrosonics, and electrogenetics that could eliminate
widespread reliance on drug industrialists. Practitioners in these
fields are persecuted for truth-telling about vaccine illnesses and
deaths linked to mercury poisoning and antigenic complexes.**

History Repeating

industry censorship and persecution is reminiscent of the mysterious
Salem witch trials. Historians speculate a combination of events,
including an untimely smallpox outbreak, created the climate for
this public fright.

One-hundred and forty people were accused of witchcraft. Forty-three
people were supposedly afflicted. Nineteen people were hanged, one
person was pressed to death, thirteen people died in prison, and
as many as 1200 persons were victimized in other ways.

What terminated this deadly madness is the same reason Rupert
Murdoch's yellow press, the New York Post, published Robert Goldberg's
diatribe. Public support and false belief in the "witches" began
to wane; as is happening now with growing distrust of vaccines and
fraudulent vaccine trials. The "silent majority" sees through
transparent safety assurances and government intrusions into our
lives. People are frightened and fed-up with deadly disasters like
the Merck company's VIOXX and 1976 Swine Flu vaccine fraud, both
certified by the US Federal Government.

Respected Salem ministers started to believe that some innocent
people were being accused and executed for witchcraft primarily on
unreliable spectral evidence (such as Goldberg presents). Today,
confessions by doctors and scientists who once worked for drug
giants are truth-telling, whistle-blowing, and discrediting the
vaccine makers and their safety assurances over the Internet. As
the Reverend Increase Mather stated, "It were better than ten
suspected witches should escape than one innocent person should be

I say, "it is better that ten vaccine-prohibitionists be condemned
by medical madmen than one innocent child suffer neuro-degeneration
from vaccine mercury intoxication."

Salem Witch Trials website explained, "As the accusations mounted,
persons from all walks of life--rich and poor, beggar and merchant--were
being accused. Additionally, the accused that originally confessed
to witchcraft requested to recant their former confessions. With
public confidence in the trials slipping, the cries of the afflicted
were steadily ignored, and the accusations eventually stopped."

So increasingly ridiculous accusations from the status quo, such
as Goldberg's, are disbelieved by increasing numbers of vaccine
victims. The majority of people now see through BigPharma's
fear-inflicting propaganda, exemplified by Murdoch's articles,
wherein "We the People" are accused of madness, ignorance, and now
allegedly causing a national emergency.

Public confidence in medicine is at an all-time low following the
medically-assisted demise of our parents, friends, and siblings.
The leading cause of death today is drug-induced illnesses; and
these shocking statistics omit all vaccine injuries since officials
criminally neglect surveying and reporting the sick and dying who's
only mistake was their misplaced faith in medical deities.

It is said that medicine has extended longevity, but degenerated
quality of life. Medical mistakes have made death seem more appealing
than drug additions and lethal side effects for millions.

Murdoch's Media-Driven Humanicide

those who don't know, Rupert Murdoch controls the majority of
American news media.

Recently, investigative journalist Sherri Kane and I exposed gross
conflicting interests between Rupert Murdoch and the global drug
cartel. Pregnant women were tested for H1N1 vaccine side effects
using a bogus study design at Elizabeth Murdoch's Royal Women's
Hospital in Australia. Rupert's daughter-in-law, Susan, oversees
the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) wherein infants
and children were tested with H1N1 vaccines by Merck's subsidiary,
CSL, Inc. James Murdoch, heir-apparent to Rupert's estate, oversees
the Board of Directors of Glaxo-SmithKlein, another H1N1 Swine Flu
vaccine maker. All of the above Murdoch affiliates administered
fraudulent H1N1 vaccine studies that neglected placebo control
groups and long-term surveillance to fraudulently erase statistically
significant risks and provable "adverse events."

Rupert Murdoch is Co-Chairman of the David Rockefeller founded,
Royal family of England chartered, Partnership for New York City
(PFNYC). This is the world's most powerful biotechnology trust--the
heart of the vaccine industry, "genetopharmaceuticals," and mass-media
mind controlling social engineering.

This is the heart of the American Medical CULTure. Their prostitutes
promote and prey on people's fear, magnify microbial menaces, and
persecute natural healers and alternative care providers as though
we are witches practicing witchcraft.

is a member of the powerful Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He
co-founded, with The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the influential
Population Council. The former is the most potent US Government
think tank and policy director. The later is the world's most active
depopulation organization funded by the US Government and
Rockefeller-related foundations and institutions.

The Population Council's goal is to reduce populations by nearly
two-thirds through intoxicating drugs and vaccines, including those
that cause sterility.

They advocate the 1977 book, Ecoscience, co-authored by Obama
administration science czar, John Holdren, calling for massive
global depopulation using vaccinations for sterilization. Is it
simply a "coincidence" new H1N1 vaccines containing MF-59 adjuvant
include nonoxynol-9 spermicide linked to spontaneous abortions?

Evidencing this group's power, on October 16, 2009, a special
gathering of CFR joined vaccine specialists and social engineers
led by health media propagandist, Laurie Garrett. The group discussed
the urgency of the vast majority Americans rejecting vaccinations
for H1N1. They articulated the need to use "shortage marketing"
(i.e., fraudulently claiming vaccine shortages) to promote better
public acceptance of the distrusted vaccines. Prior to this meeting,
the nation's vaccine supplies were reported ample. After this
meeting, the media began administeringshortage marketing, and
hypnotizing the panicked public into lining up for their shots.

Another example official malfeasance at the highest levels of
government involves the PFNYC Co-Chair, Lloyd Blankfein, the Chairman
and CEO of Goldman Sachs & Co., whose manager of private client
services, Linda Daines, is wife of New York State Health Commissioner,
Richard Daines. The Daines's profit from vaccine sales to New York
State (legally another member of PFNYC) and other governments,
including the US Federal Government (officially another member of
PFNYC) that stockpiles the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine. Goldman Sachs,
directed by Blankfein, was the largest shareholder in a deal they
brokered in 2007 for the $15 billion sale of vaccine giant MedImmune
that produces AstraZeneca's H1N1 "Flumist."

What's Next? The Expected Created "Big One?"

Flumist is the H1N1 nasal spray vaccine. People taking it spread
the "live"

"active" laboratory-engineered unstable virus for up to 3 weeks,
putting non-vaccinated persons at risk of infection and worse. These
"shed" unstable viruses more readily recombine with other circulating
viruses; thus, potentially more severe outbreaks and far more deadly
pandemics are now expected.

such threat, a possible H1N1 hemorrhagic pneumonia recombinant, has
emerged in the Ukraine, where the Chernobyl disaster occurred. The
NATO superpower has fully engaged biological and chemical weapons
research and development. This country was predicted to host a
biological weapons release associated with H1N1 vaccines courtesy
of the Baxter Corp around the time this outbreak occurred. Joseph
Moshe, an Israeli Mossad agent, made this prediction on August 11,
2009, and his persecution and arrest made the national news.

attempted to warn US federal investigators and law enforcers about
Baxter releasing a bioweapon as they had earlier this year
"accidentally" shipping H5N1-contaminted seasonal flu vaccines to
labs across Europe. Baxter previously shipped AIDS around the world
in their HIV-contaminated blood product, heparin. This H1N1 vaccine
supplier is among the least trustworthy companies in the world.
Their adjuvanted vaccines are currently banned in the United States
due to US Congressional condemnation, but favored by European
nations. So much for consistency in vaccine science!

is the biggest problem. Unvaccinated persons are being vicariously
"immunized" by simply going to school or work, contacting shedding
H1N1 vaccinated carriers.

Since more deadly viruses circulate in people, birds, animals, and
the global environment, worse pandemics are predicted. Simply one
"Typhoid Mary"

transmitting an H1N1-H5N1 recombinant might depopulate millions of
people in many nations thanks to the H1N1 vaccinations! This is
what experts and officials, in fact, expect to happen. It is the
real grossly-neglected reason for the declaration of "National
Emergency" by President Obama who, by the way, advanced the 2005
Senate bill<>
to fund development of the H5N1 avian flu vaccine!

[]Murdoch and
Blankfein's allied news sorcerer is Thomas H. Glocer, the Editor-in-Chief
of Reuters News Service, who is also a member of the PFNYC. His
directorship of Merck & Co, the world's largest vaccine maker, is
another gross conflict of interest.

Reuter's and Murdoch's News Corp. controls virtually all Western
World propaganda, including the Associated Press which Murdoch
directs as a board member. Murdoch and Glocer's media co-broke the
story of Obama's H1N1 National Emergency declaration. Glocer broke
the H1N1 Mexican Swine Flu news.

us not forget the conflicting interests of PFNYC member Mortimer
Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief of US News & World Report and the New
York Daily News, who financed the American Lyme Disease Foundation
that heavily promoted SmithKlein's disastrous Lymerix vaccine that
tragically caused hundreds-of-thousands of casualties before the
FDA suspended its use.

All the above are advancing massive media deception and human
intoxication for population reduction through H1N1 recombinations
spread by vaccinations, shedding, and reassorting with circulating
viruses including, we now expect, hemorrhagic pneumonia from the

Concerned intelligent activists are demonized as "witches," holistic
physicians are ostracized for practicing "witchcraft," and natural
cures and immune boosters such as the silver
hydrosols<> that could put Big Pharma out
of business, are suppressed by officials of a murderous medical
cult. Together, medical maniacs allied with media moguls have sewn
the seeds for population reduction consistent with Population Counsel
objectives, and their own demise as humanity awakens to the catastrophe
of this unfolding humanicide.

- end -

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is an award-winning author of 16 books and
a Harvard-trained internationally recognized expert in public health
and consumer protection. He views vaccinations as genocidal weapons
for human intoxication and mass depopulation, and condemns gross
criminal negligence and official malfeasance in the administration
of the H1N1 Swine Flu "Scam." Go to<http://www/>
for more writings by Dr. Horowitz.

The original article by Goldberg is published

*The two most deadly myths in medical history is that: 1) vaccines,
not mainly improvements in hygiene and nutrition, terminated polio
and smallpox; and 2) vaccines are "safe and effective" when more
than 90 percent of vaccine injuries and fatalities are criminally
neglected, not surveyed nor reported.

**According to Approximately 75 percent of
autoimmune diseases occur in women, most frequently during the
childbearing years. These diseases also comprise a significant
portion of chronic childhood disorders.

Autoimmune disease refers to a group of more than 80 serious, chronic
illnesses including diseases of the nervous, gastrointestinal, and
endocrine systems as well as skin and other connective tissues,
eyes, blood, and blood vessel. In all of these diseases, the
underlying problem is similar--the body's immune system (including
B and/or T immune cells) becomes misdirected, attacking the very
organs it was designed to protect.


Author's footnote: It is grossly idiotic and genocidal to neglect
the diagnosis of general systemic vaccination intoxication then
conjure up misdiagnoses requiring drug treatments. The best treatment,
and public health measure, would obviously be to cease vaccinating
and intoxicating people.

Proof of this is adequately evidenced by the huge percentage of
people with autoimmune diseases that even vaccine makers' package
inserts warn about, eczema being a most prevalent one. This ignorance
and neglect of what is obvious places the medical paradigm in
jeopardy of crumbling due to iatrogenocidal stupidity.

NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: Ms. Kane is a freelance investigative journalist
working with Dr. Horowitz to advance Healthy World Organization
(HWO), a natural alternative to the UN's World Health Organization.
Information about HWO is available<>.
For more information about the flu, and what to do, go to FLU TO
Dos<> on Dr.
Horowitz's comprehensive website<>.<>

217 Cedar St., Suite #326, Sandpoint, ID 83864; 208-265-8065;



Health Tip: Take ZeoLife and stock up on <>
OxySilver<> now to save lots of lives!


A Nun Speaks Out on the H1N1 Pandemic:

"The WHO Changed the Official Definition of a Pandemic"

Interview with Sister Dr. Teresa Forcades. An articulate and
authoritative statement.

by Gaspar Hernandez

Global Research<>, November 13, 2009
El Perisdico de Catalunya (original
&idnoticia_PK=651039&idseccio_PK=1021> - 2009-10-08


Sister Teresa Forcades i Vila has taken off her theologian's hat
and gone back to her doctor in public health role to address the
influenza A (H1N1) pandemic in a new video that calls for a calm
approach to the disease and emphasizes the right of citizens to
refuse to be vaccinated against it.


Sr. Theresa also has a new blog space on<> in
which she is sharing her writings on the flu and other issues

What's a nun doing talking on the Internet about the dangers of the
Influenza A vaccine?

Our rule prescribes five hours of prayer and six of work. Ora et


I devote part of the working hours to medical research. I'm a doctor
of medicine and in 2006 I published the study Crimes and Abuses of
the Pharmaceutical Industry.

When did you decide you had to speak out on influenza A?

In May this year I was asked to give a speech on the papillomavirus
vaccine and I was very struck by the lack of scientific basis for
the official recommendations. After a few days I spoke on TV-3 about
this vaccine and since then I have been receiving requests to comment
on the influenza A vaccine.

Doesn't the World Health Organization deserve to be trusted?

I don't understand the motives that have led WHO to act in the
absurd way it is acting.


Yes. Last May, WHO changed the official definition of a pandemic
-- it changed from a logical definition (a pandemic is an infection
of global proportions and with a high mortality) to an illogical
definition (a pandemic is an infection of global proportions).

What are the consequences of this change?

Under the new definition of "pandemic", the annual [seasonal] flu
more than meets the requirements to be one. Are we going to declare
a world health alert every fall? Besides absurdity from the scientific
standpoint, this has serious financial and policy consequences.

You don't trust the vaccine. Why?

Unlike the annual seasonal flu vaccine, the influenza vaccine
contains such powerful adjuvant substances that they can get the
normal immune response to multiply by a factor of 10. In addition,
two doses are recommended, to be received after the injection for
seasonal influenza, which also contains adjuvants, although less
potent. Never before have these substances been injected three times
in a row in the general population, starting with children, the
chronically ill and pregnant women.

What effects can result?

The artificial stimulation of the immune system can cause autoimmune


The same prospect of two of the influenza vaccines that have already
been approved in Europe (Pandemrix and Focetra) indicates that it
is expected that for every million people vaccinated, 99 will
experience an autoimmune disease known as Guillain-Barri progressive

If that happens, the drug companies would receive demands...

But in the U.S. a decree has already been approved exempting
politicians and drug companies from liability.

Are you suggesting that the drug companies have acted irresponsibly?

What they have done is work for their interests.

Can someone be obliged to get vaccinated?

In 2007, WHO adopted a regulation establishing an exception. In all
cases except one, the WHO makes recommendations, and only in one
case may it give orders that override the sovereignty of member

In the case of a pandemic.

Exactly. In 2007, WHO adopted a regulation that in case of a pandemic,
WHO can legally bind member countries to vaccinate all or part of
their population.

The governments of these countries would be obliged then to impose
fines or other penalties for individuals who refuse to be vaccinated.

Do you believe in world conspiracies?

I think there are interests at stake are not the good of the
population. How can we justify the money invested in the purchase
of vaccines if influenza A is milder than the annual seasonal flu?
Spending so much money on vaccines and other preventive measures
without sufficient scientific basis is an outrage and we should ask
for accountability.

What do your fellow nuns say about the video and your statements?

An almost 90 year old sister raised the objection that the subject
of influenza A is very serious and that I couldn't speak out against
the vaccine without having well-founded arguments.


After reading my report, she approached me after vespers and simply
said to me: "Understood."

Aren't you afraid?


Do you pray a lot?

As much as I can.

by Gaspar Hernandez (translation by Rebel Girl). El Perisdico de

October 7, 2009


Population Reduction: Globalist Endgame Begins? Is Ukraine Pandemic


Ukraines Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko wears a protective mask
as she visits a hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk November 3, 2009.

* The Satanic eugenics depopulation plan is being put into action.
Famine is just around the corner. The current grain harvest
.html> in America is
rmers.html>. Continuous rain and snow

html> are giving farmers a hard
-el.html>. Pestilences (diseases) are being activated now. Earthquakes
seem to be more frequent. Indonesia is having a category 5.0 and
above earthquake
every 3-4 days. War is without doubt planned. How soon? It is hard
to estimate. My original thoughts were by Q1 2010. But it may be
pushed back to 2012 based on Lindsey Williams

Matthew 24:7-8 (New King James Version)
For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
And there will be famines, pestilences,[b] and earthquakes in various
places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

* Most people do not understand that the ruler of this world is
Satan. He has his Illuminati cabal to carry out his orders.

=NKJV> I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this
world is coming, and he has nothing in Me.

John 16:9-11 (New King James Version)
of sin, because they do not believe in Me; 10 of righteousness,
because I go to My Father and you see Me no more; 11 of judgment,
because the ruler of this world is judged.

* The endgame of One World Fascist Government is arriving. It is
definitely not by consent of the sheeple. It will be by engineered
crisis after crisis, wars, famine, pestilencesthe Hegelian Dialectic,
that the sheeple will be herded to their doom.

On October 30th,2009 editors of local papers in Kyiv, Ukraine
received a flood of phone calls from citizens reporting low flying
aircraft spraying an unknown aerosolized
ircraft-spraying-aerosols-over-cities-martial-law-expected/> over
Lviv, Ternopil and other cities. On October 27ththe Ukrainian media
broke the story that on October 26thin Ternopil an unknown flu had
killed seven
, and that over the past few days about 6 thousand people had sought
out medical attention in regards to flu like symptoms. From this
first report through to the 9thof November over 1 million
inside the Ukraine people have contracted some form of flu like
illness. This is almost double the number of confirmed H1N1 cases
worldwide in all other countries. There have also been over 155
reported due to influenza during this time. This outbreak is
unprecedented yet it has received minimal coverage in the western
media<>. It just seemed
to get lost amidst all of the swine flu coverage, and written off
as just more cases of H1N1 before any lab samples had been processed.
In the Ukrainian andRussian media however the outbreak has been
treated more seriously and has been referred to as pneumonic plague.
On October 29tha report came out of Ukraine describing the deaths
of 6 young people in the
Ivano-Frankivsk<> Oblast.
After the autopsies were performed it was recorded that the cause
of death in these individuals was severe hemorrhagic
pneumonia<>. Also
unconfirmed reports from bloggers in the Western Ukraine that doctors
were seeing that this was a new form a flu that killed much faster
than the regular H1N1
virus<>. Soon
Ukrainians started to panic, and the stores emptied of masks and
all forms of flu medication. Even onions, garlic, and lemons became
scarce in so me cities. As a countermeasure to this outbreak 9
Oblasts (cities) were placed under
quarantine<> by the

The WHO sent a team of experts to take samples of this new flu and
send them back to the Mill Hill lab in London to determine the gene
sequences of this flu, and to discover if this was in fact the same
Californian/Mexican A/H1N1 virus. On November 3rdthe WHO announced
that the samples had been received at Mill
Hill<>, yet
almost a week later there have been no reports issued and no gene
sequence data released. If these were typical samples it seems that
an announcement would have been made already. The silence is
deafening. It should also be noted that rumors of the doctors being
told not to disseminate any information about the new flu cases
that would incite any panic, were later confirmed by statements
made by the Ukrainian government that police have been told to
confiscate hospital
-police.html> on patients who have recently contracted the flu. All
things considered, it would not be a surprise if this unidentified
virus turned out to be far more serious than the mild A/H1N1
circulating the globe.

Two unconfirmed reports, one in
2002<> and
one in
ne-westwood> by alleged government insiders revealed that at some
point that live 1918 Spanish flu would be released on a large scale
in the form of a vaccine, for the purpose of mass genocide. The
August 2009 report by Joseph
ine-westwood> revealed that he was involved with Baxter in a plan
to release the 1918 virus in the Ukraine. Not only was it confirmed
that he was a microbiologist, his claim was also substantiated by
the current Ukrainian outbreak. After a number of deaths in September
the Ukrainian governmentbanned the use of the H1N1
pidemic.html>. This would make it quite difficult to release the
1918 virus as described by Joseph Moshe. It now seems as though the
vaccine ban will be lifted and h1n1 vaccines will be forced on the
people of Ukraine. On November 9ththeGlobe and
a story that revealed, despiteprevious
raft-spraying-aerosols-over-cities-martial-law-expected/>by the
Ukrainian Government that they had not authorized the use of
aerosolized medication on the public as a response to the outbreak,
that they in fact sprayed the city with the necessary products. Was
this in fact medication or disinfectant? If so why would the
government deny this? Was the spraying in fact a release of the
mystery flu? Was the original intention to release it via the
vaccine? Was the aerosol release the plan B after the Ukrainian
government banned the use of the vaccine? A blog post from a Lviv
claimed that his mother who works for the city council received a
text message the night of Oct 29th from a colleague warning her to
keep her windows closed as something was to be sprayed. The context
wasnt crystal clear. It could have been a warning regarding a street
disinfecting procedure as is often done during typhoid outbreaks.
The governments denial is not irrefutable proof of a bio-attack,
but it is suspicious.

As reported by SkyWatch Canada on September
15th<> , the
frequency of low flying aircraft with unusual flight patterns have
caught the attention of Canadians living in the Nations Capital.
Is there a chance that Canadians are being acclimated to these types
of flight patterns for a future bio-release ? In 1994 such an event
took place in the town of Oakville,
Washington<> where there
were confirmed reports of a clear gel like substance raining form
the sky and making residents horribly ill. Readers should also be
reminded of the report given on the Power Hour radio
show<> in March 2009,
about truckloads of bird flu being delivered throughout America to
underground missile silos orchestrated by the department of homeland
security. Several of those loads were delivered into the back of a
military C-130 (an aircraft often equipped with an aerosol dispersal

Was this multi-million dollar operation conducted for the purpose
of spreading the mild and basically insignificant H1N1 demi-flu ?
Or has the final phase of the operation yet to occur? Has the event
to justify the recent American National Emergency yet to occur?
Will the CDC finally make use of their scores of mass graves and
plastic caskets? Will the military be deployed to put the country
under pandemic lockdown, as we have seen in the
Far too much has been put into the H1N1 fiasco for it to amount to
a mere outbreak of the common cold. It seems like many pieces of a
plan have been put in place. Will the NWO put the people in check?
Will the virus Mutate? Is this the beginning of the Globalist Endgame
of population reduction ?

There are reports now coming from
Turkey<>, Norway that the rate
of increase of flu is increasing rapidly. In Norway for example
300,000 residents contacted the flu in a single
state0=>. Whatever disease has been released is moving across Europe

This bug has spread too widely to be a Ukrainian election scam.
Readers should note that just before the outbreak in Ukraine, the
government was running pneumonic plague drills. In early November,
there were also pneumonic plague drills being run in

Connect the dots. Notable there have also been reports of heavy
supply and personnel movement in and out of known
D.U.M.B.s<> (Deep Underground
Military Bases) very recently. According to an unconfirmed report
the parking lots of these bases are
full<> and havent been
this full since just after 911. What is going on? Will this fast
moving disease be released in America? Listen for low flying aircraft.
Shut your windows at night. Stock up on colloidal silver, antibiotics
and high quality vitamins. Please watch the skies.



VIDEO: Boy Almost Dies from Swine Flu Vaccine

Global Research<>, November 12, 2009


Possible Deaths from H1N1 Vaccine Reported in Sweden


Global Research<>, November 12, 2009
Digital Journal<> - 2009-10-28

There are reports from Sweden of possible deaths linked to the H1N1

unconfirmed and unwelcome news which will surely complicate the
very busy flu season that has descended on most of the northern

While confirmation has yet to be made by health authorities in
Sweden, Associated Content
s_whats.html> is reporting that four people have died after receiving
the H1N1 vaccine. Three of those are alleged to have been seniors
with serious underlying health conditions. Very little is known
about the fourth. The Local <>
has reported that the outbreak of H1N1 flu in Sweden has picked up
speed in the past few weeks. About 1 million Swedes have been
vaccinated for H1N1. Stockholm News (English) reports that the
deaths are being investigated, saying<>

"... Yesterday the national agency received reports that two women
had died a couple of days after having received the vaccine, a
90-year-old woman and a 74-year-old woman belonging to the risk
group. There are two other cases investigated, one man with cardiac
problems who died twelve hours after vaccination and a woman who
was found dead two days after her vaccination."

An unconfirmed
-as-planned&catid=41%3Ahighlighted-news&Itemid=105&lang=en> says
Swedish news<>
sources are reporting at least 350 adverse reactions to the vaccine
while saying the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease
Control<> has denied a link between the adverse
reactions and the vaccine.

Sweden contracted with Glaxo-Smith-Kline to provide the country
with the EU-approved
df> H1N1 vaccine. The vaccination program in Sweden
gins-mass-vaccinations-against-swine-flu-1801910.html> October 12,
with health care workers and pregnant women immunized first.

In Germany, health officials caused a flap last week after suggesting
that Pandemrix not be used to vaccinate young children. The medical
authorities revealed that the government had ordered two different
vaccines, one for government and army, one for the general public.
The health officials recommended switching the vaccines. The Irish
reported Dr. Frank Ulrich Montgomery<>,
the Vice-President of the German Medical Association, as saying:

It would be wise to swap the federal government should use the
normal vaccine and make its own doses available to those who should
be using the better-tested vaccine. We know the effects of the
various ingredients in adjuvant vaccines but not the combined effect.
Its understandable that people are wary of getting jabs of drug

Pandemrix contains the booster adjuvant squalene, and many German
physicians have recommended that young children not receive the
adjuvanted vaccine.

Germany's inoculation program for H1N1 began Monday, and the German
population is
angry<,8599,1932366,00.html> that
there are two different immunizations shots for people, with the
riskier one going to the general public. Cevlapan is made by Baxter,
does not contain an adjuvant, and is believed to have less adverse
side effects than Pandremix.

Hungary<> has
reported one death associated with the H1N1 vaccine, although
confirmation has not yet been made. Hungary is using a

In the United States,
anger<> is
rising over a lack of H1N1 vaccine. The sudden deaths of young
people and children, confirmed to have been caused by the H1N1 virus
in North America has sparked a demand for the vaccination on both
sides of the border.

-women-can-cause-brain-damage-to-unborn-babies.html> has found
pregnant women who become ill with the flu can give birth to children
with brain damage, which has been linked to emotional and developmental
problems later in life.

One of the scientists involved in the study recommended pregnant
women get immunized against the flu saying

"There is more and more information that flu is very bad news during

Glaxo-Smith-Kline has
LIeptgU7wgD9BK47AO1> a surge in revenues due to demand for antiviral
drugs to fight the flu, and expects to make one billion pounds from
the H1N1 vaccine alone.

There have been at least 5,000
WAD9BGT8VO0> deaths worldwide caused by the H1N1 virus.


Ukraine and World Pneumonic Plague Information




Videos on The Propaganda - FalseHoods - from the WHO, CDC, UN,
Governments, and Media - Propaganda of Swine Flu Vaccine 11/13/09

These are two videos, I have done regarding the Propaganda and
Falsehoods by the WHO,CDC, UN, Governments and the Media Regarding
the Swine Flu Vaccine.

The 2 videos, were one video in the beginning. Somehow after uploading
it on youtube it got edited (not by me) and what I am putting in
as the 2nd part was cut out of the original.

Oh, good news, audio and video are in sync.

I hope people understand the psychological angle being waged - so
everyone will take a Swine Flu Vaccine. (that portion is in the 2nd
video) I feel it is important to have people understand, what they
are hearing is not the full truth regarding the Swine Flu Vaccine.


Ukraine Plague, Flu Outbreak Cripples the Ukraine Navy

Thursday, November 12, 2009 - 10:41

The Ukraine plague or "mysterious" disease has crippled the Ukraine
naval command and forcing them to discharge "Our vessels are facing
a large deficit.

Due to the lack of sailors, we are unable to carry out normal combat

According to the Ukraine Defense Ministry there's no word on when
they will start recruiting again, neither of when they will bring
back the contracted naval officers.


Vaccination: Federal Health Agencies Continue to Deceive Americans

Congressional Report on a Vaccine Mercury-Autism Link Ignored for
Six Years

by Richard Gale and Dr Gary Null

Global Research<>, November 13, 2009
Progressive Radio
Network<> -

I have no doubt whatever that vaccination is an unscientific
abomination and should be made a criminal practice. G. Bernard Shaw

Under normal circumstances, when a public health measure is advocated
or mandated, and it is accepted without question by all Federal
health agencies, state and local health departments, and promoted
by the mainstream media with unquestioning support from the orthodox
medical community, then it is assumed that such measures at the
very least meet basic scientifically proven criteria. Foremost
should be public health safety and that the proven efficacy of a
health program be implemented according to rigorous scientific gold
standards. When this standard is ignored and denied, as is now being
done by our health officials, then the wellbeing of the nation is
placed at risk.

Consequently, we see the concerns regarding the swine flu vaccine
focusing upon supply rather than health. For our government health
officials at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Department
of Health and Human Services (HHS), vaccines have been baptized
safe and, therefore, there is no reason for further debate. In fact,
so certain are those in charge of the nations vaccination programs,
even democratic discourse about vaccination controversies has been
marginalized and smothered. There is no dissenting opinion published
in any major industrial medical journal or magazine, nor found on
any of government health websites.

When put to the test, a meticulous review of the scientific literature
finds that virtually all of the Federal health agencies assumptions
are held in error. Furthermore, we are shocked that the CDC, FDA
and HHS, with all of their resources, refuse to take into consideration
the large body of clinical evidence that contradicts their biased
vaccine policies. Our review of the scientific literature is at two
levels. First, there is a direct relationship between vaccination
and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This evidence, as we shall
see, was taken under oath during a three year Congressional
investigation, which clearly shows that Federal health officials
were complicit in covering up the associations between vaccines and
neurological damage.

The second level shows irrefutable evidence, from peered reviewed
journals in immunology, neurology, toxicology, etc., that the very
same mercury used at high toxic levels in the flu vaccines, as well
as in trace amounts in other vaccines, is toxic in all circumstances.
The pronouncements by the CDC and HHS, promulgated by tabloid medical
writers at the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other media
outlets, are deceptions based upon medical denialism.

We believe it is a crime to inject mercury into the bodies of any
pregnant woman and child, while knowing that thimerosal is extremely

During a televised interview to prepare the American public for a
massive campaign to inoculate the population for the H1N1 flu virus,
President Obamas HHS Secretary, Dr. Kathleen Sebelius, told the
nation, study after study, scientist after scientist, has determined
that there really is no safety risk with thimerosal.[1] Glancing
at the foot-high stack of published clinical studies on the desk,
years of independent research identifying certain neurological
impairments, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and cellular
organ damage resulting from vaccines containing the toxic ethylmercury
preservative commonly known as thimerosal, it is incomprehensible
to fathom the depth of scientific denial in Sebelius statement. Was
the Secretary blatantly lying to Americans, especially parents of
small children six months and older and pregnant mothers, to convince
us to line up for flu shots? If we unpack Sebelius misleading
propaganda and properly rephrase her pronouncement, we can uncover
a semblance of truth in her words. Instead it would have been proper
for her to inform the nation that study after study of spurious and
flawed research that would likely never pass a graduate school
examination, scientist after scientist affiliated or with financial
ties to the vaccine industry now dominating our academies and health
agencies, have determined that there really is no safety risk with

This should have been the Secretarys response if she were honest
in addressing many peoples concerns about vaccine safety. Yet, this
is not just our interpretive spin about the lack of scientific
integrity within the CDCs and FDAs pharmaceutical-friendly stance
regarding the vaccine-autism controversy; rather it accurately
reflects the conclusions from a three year investigation conducted
by the Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness in the Houses
Committee on Government Reform, spearheaded by Rep. Dan Burton
(R-Indiana). Published in May 2003, the Committees 80-page report,
Mercury in Medicine: Taking Unnecessary Risks, is a clear indictment
charging the CDC, FDA and HHS with scientific bias, prejudiced
financial interests with vaccine makers, and administrative
incompetence and indecision that puts Americans health at risk.[2]

It is a sorry state of affairs when a Congressional committee is
forced to undertake a more thorough, concise review of the scientific
literature related to a national health crisis, i.e., thimerosal
as a causative factor behind the epidemic scourge of neurological
and developmental disorders in Americas children, because our Federal
health agencies prefer to not upset their clients (or masters) in
the pharmaceutical industrial complex. But what is even more
disturbing is that after six years since the Committees report,
nothing has fundamentally changed. Instead, the CDC, FDA and HHS
continue their rogue campaigns to spread unfounded medical propaganda
and have done next to nothing, aside from issuing promises and
marginalizing opposing medical views, to fund and launch the
independent research necessary to determine once and for all vaccine
safety in young children, developing fetuses and pregnant mothers.
And as we wait for medical sanity to descend upon our government
agencies, more and more children are injured from the increasing
number of scheduled vaccinations, while the burden of health costs
continue to mount on the shoulders of parents with neurologically
and physically damaged children.

Therefore reviewing some of the Committees major findings is warranted
to bring them up to date with recent information showing the
thimerosal-autism link and to provide evidence for the CDCs, FDAs
and HHSs ongoing medical denialism about vaccine safety and their
laxity in preserving and addressing public health.

Committee Finding 1: Mercury is hazardous to humans. Its use in
medicinal products is undesirable, unnecessary and should be minimized
or eliminated entirely.

Mercury, in its two most common forms that threaten human
health--methylmercury and ethylmercury (thimerosal used in vaccines)--is
the second most toxic substance perhaps after uranium. It is over
one hundred times more toxic than lead. Therefore ask yourself the
question, would you submit your child, or even yourself, to having
lead injected directly into his or her bloodstream, permitting it
to pass through your childs neurological system? If you answer in
the negative, then know that the mercury in that flu shot being
offered at Costco is far more toxic than the lead you just refused.

Although more research has been conducted showing methylmercurys
severe health risks, the Committee, basing its decision on sound
scientific evidence, concluded that thimerosals toxicity is the
same as methylmercury. Among the more serious adverse effects are
multiple organ system disorders over the course of a lifetime,
neurological and behavioral defects, renal damage, cardiovascular
effects even at very low dosages, increased susceptibility to
infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders and injury to the immune
system, and adverse effects on the reproductive system. Contrary
to Sebeliusdenialism, a pregnant mothers exposure to thimerosal due
to vaccination runs the risk of mercury crossing the placenta and
affecting the developing fetus. The CDCs current stance that it
makes no difference whether vaccines with thimerosal are given to
pregnant mothers flies in the face of biomolecular reason and the
Environmental Protection Agencys (EPA) own warnings. Medical evidence
for methylmercury disturbing the neuro-development of an infant in
utero has been conclusive for many years.[3] The EPAs website states
that for women in reproductive ages, there is the risk of 300,000
newborns each year incurring learning disabilities due to in utero
exposure to mercury. Even the FDA acknowledged mercurys toxic risks
to infants back in 1994. According to a National Institutes of
Health document, For fetuses, infants and children, the primary
health effects of mercury are on neurological development. Even low
levels of mercury exposure, such as result from a mothers consumption
of methylmercury in dietary sources, can adversely affect the brain
and nervous system. Impact on memory, attention, language and other
skills have been found in children exposed to moderate levels in
the womb. Do any of these symptoms sound like ASD? And if eating a
can of tuna fish poses a potential risk, how much greater are the
potential neurological injuries when vaccine mercury is injected

The EPA, unlike the FDA, has conducted research into mercurys
toxicity and health risks. While the EPA sets a limit exposure of
mercury at 0.1 micrograms/kg, the FDA in its favoritism towards
mercurys use in vaccines raises the stakes to 0.4 micrograms. The
FDAs figure has no valid supporting scientific data and is arbitrary
in order to continue sanctioning the use of in vaccines. The World
Health Organization (WHO) sets the limit higher; this may account
for the WHOs aggressive campaigns to inoculate the worlds poorer
populations with heavily laced-mercury and stockpiled vaccines from
the drug makers. The Committee, however, found the EPA evaluation
to be scientifically validated. Consequently, a person receiving a
single flu shot, with 25 mcg/kg of thimerosal would need to weigh
approximately 550 pounds for it to be considered a safe quantity.
Therefore it is no surprise that the series of four thimerosal-laced
flu shots, or 100 mcg/kg, can lead to long-term cumulative damage
for any age group, including the later onset of dementia conditions
such as Alzheimers.[4]

Dr. David Baskin, Professor of Neurosurgery at Baylor College of
Medicine, told the Committee that brain tissue absorbs mercury five
times more than other body tissues. And infants and small children
are furthermore five times more sensitive to mercurys toxicological
effects compared to adults. Dr.

Baskin reported on his own studies at Baylor:

We have the opportunity to actually grow human frontal cortex cells
in cell culture. So these are cells from the front part of the
brain. We incubate these cells with thimerosal at various doses
[then] detect cell death and cell damage. [showing a slide] These
are the cells committing the suicide program and breaking themselves
into tiny little pieces with a very low dose of mercury. Dont forget,
we did this in adult brain cells. Remember that infant brain cells
are much more sensitive, so theres a real cause for concern.

Similar studies conducted at Columbia University have confirmed the
Baylor findings.

So why cant the CDC and other government agencies reproduce these
clinical studies to confirm whether or not there is a clear
thimerosal-autism link?

Well, the CDC, and other research agencies such as the National
Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease (NIAID), simply dont
perform gold standard clinical science. Instead, the CDC relies
upon statistical analyses and mathematical algorithms to arrive at
their conclusions about vaccines and thimerosals safety. Preferring
to cower in the back of Platos cave, concise scientific protocol
and biomolecular studies in a laboratory is almost anathema to them.
In addition, the kind of studies the vaccine orthodoxy hail as proof
to deny a correlation between thimerosal and autism rely upon
dreadful research design and ridiculously low numbers of participants.
For example, a University of Rochester study comparing children
injected with mercury-vaccines versus vaccines without mercury only
enrolled 40 subjects;

yet, this single study remains in the pro-vaccine orthodoxys arsenal
against vaccine skeptics. If autism at the time of the study affected
1 in 150 children, then enrolling 40 children is baseless for
achieving any valid data.

For this reason, another finding by the Committee states:

Committee Finding 2: To date, studies conducted or funded by the
CDC that purportedly dispute any correlation between autism and
vaccine injury have been of poor design, under-powered, and fatally
flawed. The CDCs rush to support and promote such research is
reflective of a philosophical conflict in looking fairly at emerging
theories and clinical data related to adverse reactions from

The Committee also reports, Upon thorough review of the scientific
literature and internal documents from government and industry, the
Committee did in fact find evidence that thimerosal posed a risk.
The possible risk for harm from either low dose chronic or one time
high level (bolus dose) exposure to thimerosal is not theoretical,
but very real and documented in the medical literature.

Furthermore, the report continues,

Of additional concern has been the CDCs bias against theories
regarding vaccine-induced autism. Rather than aggressively working
to replicate clinical findings with laboratory data that showed a
relationship between vaccines and autism the CDC funded researchers
who also worked for vaccine manufacturers to conduct population-based
epidemiological studies to look at the possible correlation between
vaccine injury and a subset of the population that might be injured.
The CDC to date has relied too heavily on epidemiological findings.
While epidemiological studies are important, they are not a substitute
for focused, clinical research.

And independent clinical research exists. There is lots of it from
prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, the Cleveland
Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, the University of California
at Irvine, Baylor Medical School, Prof. Boyd Haley at the University
of Kentucky, and the dozens of studies by Dr. Mark Geier at the
Institute of Chronic Illnesses, all providing evidence for thimerosals
adverse effects in adults and in the developing brain of a child.

Committee Finding 3: Manufacturers of vaccines and thimerosal have
never conducted adequate testing on the safety of thimerosal. The
FDA has never required manufacturers to conduct adequate safety
testing on thimerosal and ethylmercury compounds.

For many decades, the FDA has known about the neurotoxic effects
of thimersosal. A review of internal documents from Eli Lilly, the
original inventor of ethylmercury in the 1920s, reveals that only
one study has ever been performed to investigate thimerosals safety
in humans and it was woefully inadequate. During the actual Committee
hearings, Rep. Burton remarked, You mean to tell me since 1929 weve
been using thimerosal and the only test you know of is the one that
was done in 1929, and every one of those people got meningitis and

In the 1940s, thimerosal was used in teething powders for infants
and resulted in fatal outbreaks of Pinks Disease (severe mercury
poisoning) before being removed in the 50s. Since many children
today receive vaccines with trace amounts of thimerosal, in addition
to vaccines containing adjuvant aluminum compounds, an important
1972 study published in the British Medical Journal noted that
mercury increases aluminums oxidation and produces abnormal heat.
In recent years, there is growing evidence of mitochondrial oxidation
and cellular damage that may be due to this interaction between
mercury and aluminum in vaccines. With a child now receiving 31 and
more vaccinations during its first 18 months of life, it would seem
that this barbaric practice would have been fully investigated by
our health officials to account for the epidemic rise in neurological
and behavioral disorders, adult diabetes and asthmatic conditions
in American children. Instead, our health officials continue to
pump out junk science, for example the recent, seriously flawed
NIAID study on H1N1 vaccine safety in pregnant women reported over
the major media, to deceive Americans and enroll them in their
national vaccination campaigns. The protocol in that study listed
any pregnant woman who had a history of alcohol or drug abuse during
a 6 year period, diabetes, compromised immune systems, asthmatic
and allergic conditions, history of cancer-treatment drugs for 3
years, prescription to psychiatric drugs, and many other conditions
as unqualified for the study. These conditions alone would disqualify
the large majority of the nations pregnant women.

Furthermore, any pregnant woman who enrolled in the trial, who
spiked a temperature of 100 degrees or greater during the first 72
hours following vaccination, were excluded from the trial. Nevertheless,
the CDC and its cronies in the media, particularly the pharmaceutical
shills at The New York Times, touted this deranged trial as conclusive
evidence that the swine flu vaccine was safe for all pregnant women.
These are the kinds of medical distortions we have come to expect
from the Federal health agencies.

The Committees report states,

It appears that our Federal regulatory framework (the FDA and its
predecessor organizations) failed to require manufacturers to prove
thimerosal was safe.

They failed to require industry to conduct adequate testing to
determine how thimerosal is metabolized. The FDA failed to require
that industry conduct studies to determine the maximum safe exposure
level of thimerosal. These basic issues should have been proven
prior to the introduction of thimerosal into the marketplace, but
more than 70 years after its introduction, these issues have still
not been adequately addressed... It is clear that the guiding
principal for FDA policymakers has been to avoid shaking the publics
confidence in the safety of vaccines. For this reason, many FDA
officials have stubbornly denied that thimerosal may cause adverse
reactions. given the serious concerns about the safety of thimerosal,
the FDA should have acted years earlier to remove this preservative
from vaccines and other medications.

Nevertheless, even during this so-called flu season, the Federal
agencies continue to remain entranced in a stupor of scientific
denial, perhaps acting in a criminally negligent manner, as thimerosal
remains at highly toxic levels in the flu vaccines, and remains in
trace amounts in the DTaP, some Hib, and Hepatitis B vaccines.

Although the FDA has repeatedly agreed that mercury is unsafe for
over-the-counter medications, one would think that the government
could arrive at the simple deduction of an elementary school pupil
in agreeing that intramuscular injection of thimerosal would be far
more dangerous. During the Committees proceedings, Dr. Bernard
Schwetz, former Director of the FDAs National Center for Toxicological
Research, has stated, the fact that we know that ethylmercury is
a skin sensitizer when its put on the skin, and now were injecting
this IM (intramuscularly) at a time when the immune system is just
developing, the functionality of the immune system is just being
set at this age [infancy]. What is the effect on the functional
development of the immune system when you give a chemical of that
kind repeatedly IM?

Committee Finding 4: At the same time that the incidence of autism
was growing, the number of childhood vaccines containing thimerosal
was growing, increasing the amount of ethylmercury to which infants
were exposed threefold... The FDA and CDC failed in their duty to
be vigilant as new vaccines containing thimerosal were approved and
added to the immunization schedule.

The Commission report states, There was tremendous reluctance on
the part of some officials that a mistake had been made in allowing
ethylmercury to be used in vaccines. The FDA damns itself in a 1999
email by a former FDA official, Dr. Peter Patriarca, then Director
of the FDAs Division of Viral Products, who opines that hastening
the removal of thimerosal from vaccines would raise questions about
the FDA being asleep at the switch for decades by allowing a
potentially hazardous compound to remain in many childhood vaccines,
and not forcing manufacturers to exclude it from new products.

While the Federal health agencies and the professional medical
organizations serving the vaccine industrial complex, such as the
American Pediatric Association, repeatedly tell us there is no
causal relationship between ASD and vaccine mercury, there is a
growing body of prestigious scientists, researchers and physicians
who feel otherwise. Last October 2009, a Harvard survey reported
in the journal Pediatrics the USs ASD rate needs to be upgraded to
1 in 91, a greater than 30% increase from the previous 1 in 150
ratio several years back.[6] Consequently, the thimerasol-autism
debate is far from over and should be pursued with aggressive due
diligence and urgency.

Moreover, the past history of CDC negligence and its reliance upon
poorly designed and flawed science indicates there is no reason why
any rational citizen should believe any statistical declaration or
medical claim about vaccine safety from government health officials.
These are people with severe allergic reactions to real science.

The Autism Society of America (ASA), the worlds largest autism
organization and heavily funded by private industry and CDC support,
continues to rely on archaic treatments not too dissimilar to BF
Skinners behavioral work with pigeons. The ASA and the National
Alliance for Autism, another advocacy organization supporting
research to discredit vaccine-autism links, have been accused of
conflict of interests and biased studies. In early 2009, Alison
Singer, the senior executive of ASA and an advocate of the fanatical
vaccine multi-millionaire and former advisor to the CDCs Advisory
Committee on Immunization Practice, Dr. Paul Offitwho believes in
a fantasy vaccine heaven where children can survive 10,000 vaccinations
unscathedresigned in protest over her organizations recent leanings
to reconsider a vaccination-autism connection. Each organizations
platform fundamentally ignores a possible vaccine-caused autism and
instead favors genetic etiology that has yet to be conclusively
discoveredinstead, blame the parents DNA, not the drug makers and
their government collaborators. Yet while the search for a mysterious
autism gene persists, more and more children are being neurologically
and developmentally damaged. Furthermore, even if such a gene is
found, it would be many years before anything medically practical
could be done with it.

Committee Finding 5: A growing number of scientists and researchers
believe that a relationship between the increase in neurodevelopmental
disorders of autism and the increased use of thimerosal in vaccines
is plausible and deserves more scrutiny.

In fact, the CDC in June 2000 discovered a statistically significant
positive correlation between the cumulative exposure of thimerosal
and ASD symptoms.

The CDCs analysis of approximately 110,000 records of children with
adverse reactions to vaccines, flying in the face of federal health
officials previous claims about vaccine safety, led to a secretive
meeting between top government health officials and vaccine industry
representatives at the Simpsonwood Retreat Center near Atlanta. The
transcripts of that meeting were later obtained by Robert Kennedy
Jr through a Freedom of Information Act.

During the meeting, the CDC studys chief scientist, Dr. Thomas
Verstraeten, stated, This analysis suggests that in our study
population, the risks of tics, ADD, language and speech delays, and
developmental delays in general may be increased by exposures to
mercury from thimerosal-containing vaccines during the first six
months of life. The Congressional review of the Simpsonwood
conversations concluded that It appears that many who participated
in the thimerosal debates allowed their standards to be dictated
by their desire to disprove an unpleasant theory. Indeed, this is
what eventually occurred after the meeting.

The clandestine Simpsonwood gathering decided to withhold its
findings from the public and, instead, proceeded with a new
investigation to doctor the same data by employing confounders
(subjective, unscientific criteria used to bias a study to prove a
desired result). Consequently the CDCs subsequent study released
several years later denied any relationship between thimerosal and
ASD. At the end of 2009, this remains the policy position and mindset
of the CDC, FDA and HHS while a large body of independent research,
with no conflict of interests with government or the vaccine industry,
continues to mount against our policy makers reliance upon tabloid
science and futile efforts to find causes unrelated to vaccines.
And Dr. Thomas Verstaeten? Last heard he joined the vaccine maker
GlaxoSmithKline and continued to deny the truth of the CDCs original
Simpsonwood findings.

Since then, Dr. Mark Geier at the Institutes of Chronic Illnesses,
through a Freedom of Information Act, obtained all the CDCs vaccine
injury data in its database. After conducting an independent
epidemiological study, based on tens of millions of vaccine doses
administered in the US, he confirmed the Simpsonwood findings and
significant other data to show thimerosal and the DTaP vaccine as
contributing causes behind the countrys autism epidemic.[7]

Today, our tax dollars are being spent by our health agencies to
sidestep the entire question of vaccine safety and efficacy, and
are trying to project autisms causes on genetic factors. This was
the case in 2003, as it is now, when the Committee raised concerns
over the NIHs $27 billion budget, investing only $56 million into
autism research, and the majority of that towards genetic causes.
Compare that with the $2.2 billion spent on HIV/AIDS research that
affects only a tiny percent of the population compared to the
hundreds of thousands of children across the nation suffering autism
spectrum disorder and neurological damage that they will live with
for the remainder of their lives.

In 1975, the FDA undertook a five year review of mercurys dangers
in over-the-counter drugs and topical medicines and ointments. The
advisory panels report to the FDA concluded that not only mercury
compounds as a class are of dubious value for anti-microbial use
but also thimerosal was 35-times more toxic to the heart tissue it
was meant to protect than the bacteria it was meant to kill. So why
is thimerosal still used in vaccines?

Rather than manufacturing single dose vials, which would not require
mercury, vaccine makers have found it more cost effective to
manufacture multi-dose vials and simply add mercury as a preservative
for longer shelf-life. A story in the Columbus Dispatch unveiled
that Ohios decision to purchase larger quantities of thimerosal-laced
flu vaccine rather than the alternative thimerosal-free version was
purely based on a financial decision.[8]

Committee Finding 6: The CDCs failure to state a preference for
thimerosal-free vaccines in 2000 and again 2001 was an abdication
of their responsibility.

After reviewing the CDCs long-standing habit for promoting illness
and staging a war on health, there is a case of one vaccine
manufacturer offering to remove thimerosal from its vaccine but
being denied permission to do so from the CDC. This incident led
the Committee to state, The CDCs decision not to endorse thimerosal-free
vaccines in 2001 is particularly troubling.

Just as disappointing, and even more difficult to understand, is
the fact that the CDC, on two separate occasions, refused to publicly
state a preference for thimerosal-free vaccines.

Testimony by Federal health officials before the Committee included
a litany of excuses based on financial rationales for not concerning
itself with the health of American children. The statements by Dr.
Roger Bernier from the CDC exemplifies the dangerous level of denial
and Federal officials refusal to accept preventative health measures,
a dire negligence that continues to plague government health agencies
in general, and the unproven and potentially unsafe H1N1 vaccine
in particular:

It [removing thimerosal from vaccines] could entail financial losses
of inventory if current vaccine inventory is wasted. It could harm
one or more manufacturers and may then decrease the number of

The evidence justifying this kind of abrupt policy change [immediate
removal of mercury from all vaccines] does not appear to exist, and
it could entail financial losses for all existing stocks of vaccines
that contain thimerosal.

The Committees interpretation of the CDCs vaccine policy includes,
The financial health of the industry should never have been a factor
in this decision [thimerosal removal]. The financial health of
vaccine manufacturers certainly should never have been more important
to the Federal health officials than the health and well being of
the nations children. The CDC has a responsibility to protect the
health of the American public. If there were any doubts about the
neurological effects of ethylmercury in vaccines on childrenand
there were substantial doubtsthe prevailing consideration should
have been how best to protect children from potential harm. However,
it appears that protecting the industrys profits took precedent
over protecting children from mercury damage.

Committee Finding 7: Thimerosal should be removed from these vaccines.
No amount of mercury is appropriate in any childhood vaccine.

Although thimerosal has been removed from most vaccines, mercury
remains in trace amounts in some vaccines, as noted above, and
remains at high toxic levels in the flu shots. Studies show that
in the presence of aluminum compounds mercurys toxicity increases
dramatically. Vaccines that contain aluminum compounds include the
DTaP, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, pneumococcal, anthrax, and the HPV
vaccine. Unfortunately, no studies have been funded by government
agencies nor have the vaccine makers undertaken efforts to determine
adverse neurological effects when multiple vaccines are given
together, as is so often the case when small children visit their

A comparison of the FDA, CDC and HHS claims on thimerosal and
multiple vaccination safety with documents from the Department of
Defense (DoD) leaves one with the feeling that our national health
service is a madhouse, a leper colony of welfare scientists and
indecisive medical bureaucrats torn between their allegiance to
pharmaceutical firms and the health of the nation. Medical journalist
David Kirby has reported on DoD documents he received showing the
military raising legitimate concerns about vaccines (thimerosal and
the DTaP vaccine) as causative factors for the critical epidemic
of ASD among military children.[9] In her article Autism in the
Military, Angela Warren calculates the military autism rate at 1
in 67, substantially higher than the recent Harvard study for the
civilian population.[10] In addition to thimerosals dangers, the
military claims its ongoing studies suggest that a relationship
between adverse events and multiple vaccinations exist. The Armed
Forces Institute of Pathology also acknowledges that exposure to
mercury in utero and children may cause mild to severe mental
retardation and mild to severe motor coordination impairment.[11]

Why would the military health officials take a completely different
stand on thimerosal and vaccine safety from that of the CDC and
HHS? During a recent conversation with a retired Colonel and former
Command Surgeon of the US Army Special Operations Command in Africa,
Dr. Frank Anders explained why the military health policies and
recognition of scientific facts are more accurate and medically
humane than that of our Federal health officials. According to Col.
Anders, the power and money these pharmaceutical companies wield
[on the FDA and CDC] is awesome. When he was asked whether or not
there is any conformity or agreement between the Department of
Defenses health divisions and the Federal health agencies, including
President Obamas appointments, he stated there was nothing that
could affect preventative and therapeutic health policy. There are
far more financial incentives, including funds from Congress at the
behest of pharmaceutical lobbyists, for FDA and CDC personnel to
forge relationships with the drug and vaccine makers. On the other
hand, since military health personnel are solely employees of the
DoD removed from the vaccine industry and Big Pharma lobbyists,
there is less bias and greater scientific integrity towards medical
facts and sound science.[12]

Curiously, David Kirby reports that the military health clinics are
adopting alternative treatments for ASD--methyl B12, chelation and
glutathione--which are not actively promoted by the FDA in their
preference for pharmaceutical and psychiatric drugs and behavioral
modality treatment. When we asked Col.

Anders why this was the case, he responded that it is simply because
these alternative treatments work. For example, independent studies
show convincingly that thimerosal depletes glutathione in vaccinated
children with autism. Glutathione provides cells with the primary
defense against heavy metal oxidation, a condition that has been
observed extensively in children with ASD. Without glutathione,
heavy metal oxidation inflicts severe neurological damage. Alternative
treatment for autism includes glutathione replacement; however,
this form of treatment is not recognized by the CDC and the orthodox
autism organizations in bed with the pharmaceutical industrial

Committee Recommendations: There were two important recommendations
made by Rep. Dan Burtons Committee that Americans should demand
from our government and Federal health agencies. First is the
recommendation that studies be conducted that pool the results of
independent research that has been done thus far, and a comprehensive
approach should be developed to rid humans, animals and the environment
from this dangerous toxin [ethyl- and methylmercury].

The second urgent recommendation is that Congress enact legislation
that prohibits federal funds from being used to provide products
or pharmaceuticals that contain mercury, methylmercury or ethylmercury
unless no reasonable alternative is available.

Today, neither of these recommendations have been acted upon. Instead
the Obama administration has continued the previous Bush act to
provide sanctuary to vaccine makers from lawsuits due to vaccine
injury. Our health officials have sunk themselves deeper into
dangerously reductive and determinist views about infectious diseases,
such as the swine flu, and have strengthened their denial that their
entire vaccination program might be leading Americas health to
further ruin.

It is unusual for our government and Congress to get anything correct
these days and to make sincere, thoughtful decisions that truly
benefit American citizens. However, there are those rare occasions
when a spark of wisdom actually flares briefly somewhere in Washington.
The Rep. Burtons Committee reports final statement is as relevant
today as it was in mid 2003. Perhaps even more so as we witness the
CDCs public relations campaign threatening citizens with misleading
statistics, distorted science (science being a term that can barely
be applied to the kind of tabloid research that Federal officials
rely upon today), and unproven fears to shepherd us towards the
H1N1 and seasonal flu lines.

Thimserosal used as a preservative in vaccines is likely related
to the autism epidemic. This epidemic in all probability may have
been prevented or curtailed had the FDA not been asleep at the
switch regarding the lack of safety data regarding injected thimerosal
and the sharp rise of infant exposure to his known neurotoxin. Our
public health agencies failure to act is indicative of institutional
malfeasance for self-protection and misplaced protectionism of the
pharmaceutical industry.

As we have witnessed during the recent CDCs public relations campaign
behind the H1N1 vaccine, and the uproar of dissent that questions
the safety and national need for mass inoculation, medical discourse
has been shut down. This raises the serious concern whether Americas
health sciences and democracy can co-exist any longer in the United
States. The words of H.H. the Dalai Lama are apropos for understanding
the fish tank Federal officials and their sponsored cohorts settled
into, To deny authority of empirical evidence is to disqualify
oneself as someone worthy of critical engagement in a dialogue.

Nothing has changed within the US governments vaccine policy programs,
six years after Congress indicted our health leaders with medical

Richard Gale is the Executive Producer of the Progressive Radio
Network <> and
a former Senior Research Analyst in the genomic industry.

Dr. Gary Null is the host of the nations longest running public
radio program on nutrition and natural health and a multi-award-winning
director of progressive documentary films, including Vaccine Nation
(2008) and Autism:

Made in the USA (2009)


[1] Kathleen Sebelius interviewed by Katie Couric on CBS, July 30,

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of Representatives Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness report,
Mercury in Medicine: Taking Unnecessary Risks, published May 2003.

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The comparative toxicology of ethyl- and methylmercury. Archives
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(1985) 57: 260-267.

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[13] James SJ, Slikker W, Melnyk S, New E, Jernigan S. Thimerosal
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with glutathione precursors. Neurotoxicity. (2005) Vol. 26, 1-8.


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