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"If our colleges and universities do not breed men who riot, who
rebel, who attack life with all the youthful vision and vigor, then
there is something wrong with our colleges. The more riots that
come out of our college campuses, the better the world for tomorrow."
- William Allen White.


"But even if we act to erase material poverty, there is another
greater task, it is to confront the poverty of satisfaction - purpose
and dignity - that afflicts us all. Too much and for too long, we
seemed to have surrendered personal excellence and community values
in the mere accumulation of material things. " - Robert F. Kennedy

"Ibm beginning to think the GOP is so paranoid about bSharia Lawb
because it's too Liberal." - Keith Olbermann


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq "1,421,933"



Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged)
In America's War On Iraq: 4,757 icasualties.org/oif/

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In
Afghanistan : 2,369


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan $1,167,324,787,717


Libya Declares Ceasefire


"We decided on an immediate ceasefire and on an immediate stop to
all military operations," Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa.



Declaration of Cease-Fire Is Not Enough


The United States, Britain and France pushed forward against Libya
on Friday as they declared that a cease-fire abruptly announced by
Col. Muammar el-Qaddafibs government was not enough, at least for
now, to ward off military action against his forces.



Full text of UN Security Council Resolution on Libya

By United Nations Security Council

Demands the immediate establishment of a cease-fire and a complete
end to violence and all attacks against, and abuses of, civilians.



A Contrarian View on Libya?

Colonialism is Still Alive and Thriving

By Sam Hamod

The truth is that the West wants to dominate the Arab World further,
and all of the riches of Africa with it.



Shame, Shame, Shame Once Again on the US and the UN.

By Cindy Sheehan

The United Nations is a failed organization that seems to promote
war and inequality by being a rubber-stamp for US violence.



Can We Get a No-Fly-Zone For Pakistan?

U.S. Kills as Many as 80 Civilians in Pakistan

By Xinhua

Pakistan's army chief said in a press release that it is highly
regrettable that a jirga, or open-air meeting, of peaceful citizens
including elders of the area was carelessly and callously targeted
with complete disregard to human life.



CIA Agents `Blood Money Was Paid By S. Arabia`

By Anwar Iqbal

Did US give permission to Saudi Arabia to invade Bahrain in return
of Saudi paying "blood money" for release of CIA agent in Pakistan?



Getting Away With Murder Hillary Helps US Mercenary Escape Justice

By Mike Whitney

The CIA is a lawless, free-wheeling fraternity that operates beyond
any ethical or moral code. If Davis was colluding with terrorists
or stirring up sectarian antagonism, it would be par for the course.



George Galloway: Saudi Arabian Invasion of Bahrain

By Press TV

Galloway suggests that a deal was done between the US and Arab
rulers, whereby the Arab League would back the no-fly rule over
Libya and in return the US would acquiesce to the Saudi invasion
of Bahrain.



Breaking Australia's Silence: WikiLeaks and Freedom

By John Pilger

More than 2500 people filled and overflowed Sydney Town Hall to
hear journalist and film-maker John Pilger, Andrew Wilkie, independent
member of the Australian Parliament and the only serving Western
intelligence officer to whistle-blow on the invasion of Iraq, and
renowned human rights lawyer Julian Burnside QC.



Japanese Radiation Reaches US


The UN's Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization initially issued
a statement alleging a radioactive plume could hit California by
March 18 b they were right.



War On The Poor:

Minnesota Republicans Want To Bust Poor People Who Carry Cash

By Susie Madrak

Minnesota Republicans are pushing legislation that would make it a
crime for people on public assistance to have more $20 in cash in
their pockets any given month.



GOP Bill Would Force IRS to Conduct Abortion Audits

By Nick Baumann

Were you raped? Was it incest? And other questions the government's
tax cops would have to ask women who've terminated pregnancies.



Then And Now Remarks of Robert F. Kennedy, March 18, 1968

By Robert F. Kennedy

"But even if we act to erase material poverty, there is another
greater task, it is to confront the poverty of satisfaction - purpose
and dignity - that afflicts us all. Too much and for too long, we
seemed to have surrendered personal excellence and community values
in the mere accumulation of material things. "



U.S. Kills as Many as 80 Civilians in Pakistan:

Pakistan's army chief said in a press release that it is highly
regrettable that a jirga, or open-air meeting, of peaceful citizens
including elders of the area was carelessly and callously targeted
with complete disregard to human life.



Pakistan Summons US Ambassador on Drone Attack:

It was an unusually strong protest from Pakistan, which disapproves
of the American strikes but has quietly tolerated them.



Pakistan to boycott Afghan meeting over deadly US strike:

bIt was evident that the fundamentals of our relations need to be
revisited. Pakistan should not be taken for granted nor treated as
a client state,b the statement said.



Thousands of Pakistanis rally against US:

The protesters chanted 'Friends of the US are traitors', 'Down with
America' and 'Hang Zardari', a reference to unpopular President
Asif Ali Zardari who has called for ties with the United States to
be maintained.



Marine From Colorado Killed In Afghanistan:

The Defense Department says a Marine from Bennett, Colo., has been
killed in combat in Afghanistan. Lance Cpl. Christopher S. Meis,
20, died Thursday in Helmand Province.



US House rejects Afghan withdrawal bill:

Meeting defeat with a 93 to 321 vote, the numbers showed a mark
growth in congressional support for a swift withdraw from Afghanistan.
A similar measure failed to pass in 2010 by a 65 to 356 vote.



Afghan warlord on US payroll accused of terror campaign :

An Afghan warlord backed by US special forces is facing persistent
allegations that he launched a two-year spate of violence involving
burglary, rape and murder of civilians, desecration of mosques and
mutilation of corpses.



US government denies entry visa to Afghan women's rights activist
and author Malalai Joya:

Joya has also become an internationally known critic of the US-NATO
war in Afghanistan.



Army: 70 killed in south Sudan clashes with rebels:

Two days of heavy fighting between rebels and south Sudan?s army
in the oil-producing states of Unity and Upper Nile, have left at
least 70 dead, an army spokesman said on Friday.



50 protesters killed in Yemen police firing:

Police opened fire on hundreds of thousands of anti-government
protesters Friday killing at least 50 people and wounding 240 in
the capital, Sana'a. .



Yemen opposition: No compromise possible with govt:

"There is no longer any possibility of mutual understanding with
this regime and he has not choice but to surrender authority to the



13 killed in fresh fighting in pro-Ouattara districts in Abidjan:

Fighting erupted on Thursday in Cote d'Ivoire's economic capital
Abidjan, leaving 13 people dead in the stronghold of one of the
West African country's presidency claimant Alassane Ouattara.



Obama warns of military action against Kadhafi:

President Barack Obama Friday threatened Moamer Kadhafi with military
action unless he met specific, "non-negotiable" demands for a
ceasefire, a halt to attacks on civilians and a retreat from rebel



Libya shuts airspace as Nato strikes are imminent:

France says military strikes "within few hours"



"World leaders" unimpressed with Gadhafi's cease-fire declaration:

Clinton said on Friday the United States was not impressed by words
of cease-fire from the Libyan government and would keep pressing
for leader Muammar Gadhafi to step down.



David Cameron: UK planes to be deployed in Libya:

In a statement to the Commons he said aircraft, including Tornado
and Typhoon jets, will be moved to bases from where they could
"start to take the necessary action".



Qatar, Emirates to join Libya air strikes:

Qatar and the United Arab Emirates will join international forces
set to bomb Muammar Gaddafi's forces in Libya after the UN votes
to authorize air strikes, a UN diplomat said this evening.



Large Opposition to Military Intervention in Libya:

A CNN/Opinion Research poll finds 74% believe the United States
should "leave it to others" to resolve the situation in Libya.



Gaddafi says 'hell' awaits anyone who attacks Libya:

Muammar Gaddafi threatened to turn into bhellb the lives of anyone
who attacks Libya in line with a UN Security Council resolution
passed overnight.



Rebels break ceasefire?

Rebels seize Libyan state-owned gasoline tanker:

A Libyan state-owned gasoline tanker has been seized by rebels in
a move that traders said is likely to act as a further deterrent
to trading with the torn state, trade sources said on Friday.



Rebels claim Gaddafi forces ignoring ceasefire in Misurata :

The video, which was posted on pro-rebel website libyafeb17.com on
March 18, shows the western city coming under heavy fire.



Two killed, 11 wounded in bomb explosions in N Iraq:

Two shepherds were killed and 11 people wounded in two bomb explosions
in the Iraqi provinces of Salahudin and Nineveh on Thursday, the
police said.



Biggest Iraqi Shi'ite rally against Saudis in Bahrain:

Thousands of Iraqi Shi'ites rallied on Friday in the country's
biggest demonstration yet to support fellow Shi'ite protesters
confronting troops from Sunni Arab states in Bahrain.



Hospitals and medics attacked in Bahrain crackdown:

MEDICAL workers in Bahrain have accused their government of crimes
against humanity, with hospitals and staff attacked as the regime
attempts to conceal the mounting casualties from its crackdown on
Shia-led protesters.



UN warns Bahrain over crackdown:

Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon calls King Hamad to express his
"deepest concern" about use of force against protesters. - He also
"noted that such actions could be in breach of international
humanitarian and human rights law".



Bahrain razes Pearl Square to ground:

The iconic central structure was brought down on Friday two days
after Bahraini and Saudi forces, backed by tanks and helicopters,
cleared the land mark square where anti-government protesters had
been camped for several weeks.



4 Protesters killed by security forces in Syria:

"The security forces fired live bullets at the protesters. Four
people were killed," said the activist, identifying them as Akram
al-Jawabra, Hussam Abdelwali Ayash, Ayham al-Harri and a member of
the Abu Aoun family.



Several injured in Saudi Arabia protest:

Several people have been injured after police fired rubber bullets
at anti-government protesters in Saudi Arabia's eastern region of
Qatif as Friday's million-man-march looms.



Saudi king to announce reforms:

Saudi Arabia's monarch will announce a government reshuffle, an
anti-corruption drive and a promise to increase food subsidies to
combat rising prices in an address to the nation, diplomats have



Report: U.S. considering strategic outreach to Hezbollah:

Washington Post says Obama administration weighing dialogue with
Lebanese militant group's political wing, in an effort similar to
that attempted by U.K. in its dealings with Sinn Fein in the 1990s.



Netanyahu: Palestinian unity government would kill off the peace
process :

Israel is urging the United States and key European governments to
press Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas not to establish
a unity government with Hamas.



Helen Thomas:You cannot say anything about Israel in this country.

Sure, the Israelis have a right to existbbut where they were born,
not to come and take someone elsebs home


US agrees to improve human rights record in first UN assessment:

The report included 228 recommendations, but the U.S. brushed many
of them aside b raising heckles from adversaries such as Cuba, Iran
and Venezuela.



Video: Calif. Muslim Traumatized by Removal from Flight :



Defying U.S., Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide Returns

In defiance of the Obama administration, former Haitian President
Jean-Bertrand Aristide is headed back to Haiti today for the first
time since being ousted in a 2004 U.S.-backed coup.



In Pictures: Aristide arrives back in Haiti after 7 years in exile



Japan raises nuclear alert level:

Japan has raised the alert level at its quake-damaged nuclear plant
from four to five on a seven-point international scale of atomic



US nuclear agency: Japan crisis no US health threat:

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission sought to tamp down American
fears of nuclear fallout, stressing Thursday there was no present
radioactive risk to US territory from Japan's quake-stricken atomic



Potassium iodide supplies sold out in the US:

Radiation sickness drug stocks dwindle as Americans panic buy over
fears of contamination from Japan http://bit.ly/hqqzKL


Fed, Bank of Canada confirm yen sales:

The US Federal Reserve and Bank of Canada confirmed Friday that
they had intervened to cool the soaring yen, in concert with other
G7 central banks.



Michigan passes 'financial martial law' bill:

Michigan legislators have approved a bill authorizing state-appointed
emergency financial managers to break union contracts that struggling
cities and school districts have with their workers.



US Cost of Living Hits Record, Passing Pre-Crisis High:

A special index created by the Labor Department to measure the
actual cost of living for Americans hit a record high in February


"Let us be peace and joy"

Tom Feeley

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