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Mar 27, 2011, 10:00:01 PM3/27/11
"Sexist Torture: Female Genital Mutilation
Jessy Luanni Wolf

"I have a beautiful nineteen-year-old daughter. I remember clearly
the day she was born, and the way her tiny pink body looked. I wanted
a girl very much. I looked at her sexual parts as soon as I could, to
check for myself that she was female, and whole. She had everything;
all the female parts were there and perfect.
Many years later I read the works of Alice Walker and discovered that
there are people in the world who don't allow female children to keep
all their female parts. They believe the clitoris, labia minora and
majora somehow dirty a female and must be removed. I was horrified.
I personalized this because I thought of my own daughter. How could
they bear it? How could mothers mutilate their own children?
All three forms [of FGM] are referred to as female circumcision, by
the proponents of the custom. However, none of the three is similar
to male circumcision, in which only the foreskin of the penis is
removed, leaving the organ totally intact and capable of sensation."

[an articulate plea for the rights of girls, which condones the
brutalization of boys. One can forgive her ignorance of male sexual
anatomy in this totalitarian mercenary state, but it seems odd one
should have to explain to a woman about the importance of the right
to control one's own body. When can males expect their human rights
to be respected? When will the prejudiced dictionary definition
of "sexism" be expanded to recognize the routine, systemic and
state-sanctioned violence against males? -rjw]

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