Canada: Getting the sheeple ready for disarmament a la Australia!

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Mar 31, 1998, 3:00:00 AM3/31/98


OTTAWA, March 26, 1998 -- The Honourable Anne McLellan, Minister
of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, today announced the
final set of regulations to implement the Firearms Act.
The regulations will come into effect October 1, 1998.

"With this final set of regulations, we now have the necessary
legislative framework to implement the new firearms legislation
in an efficient and effective way", said Minister McLellan.
"Firearms safety is everyone's concern. These regulations will
help foster a culture of safety across Canada."

The Firearms Regulations were developed following thorough
consultations with firearm users, industry groups and others,
including the Minister's Advisory User Group on Firearms, victims
of violent crime, police, Chief Firearms Officers across Canada,
shooting organizations, women's organizations, health
professionals, and businesses.

"We have consulted extensively with firearm owners and various
groups of stakeholders and have addressed their concerns voiced
through the Standing Committee on Justice", added Minister McLellan.
"The regulations strike a balance between the interests of firearm
owners and the objective of increased public safety in Canada."

The Firearms Act and Regulations require the universal
registration of all firearms by January 1, 2003, the licencing
of all firearm owners by January 1, 2001, the obligation to pass
a firearms safety test for acquisition licences, and the safe
storage, transportation and use of all firearms. Fees associated
with licencing and registration have been kept to a minimum.
Stiffer Criminal Code penalties for firearm crimes were
implemented on January 1, 1996.

The new computerized system will combine licencing data and
firearms registration data on a single system which will, amongst
other things, provide on-line access of firearm information to all
police officers through the Canadian Police Information Centre
(CPIC). The legislation also provides for stringent background
checks, including spousal notification for anyone applying for or
renewing a firearms acquisition licence. This will enhance public

To help firearm users understand their new obligations, the
Canadian Firearms Centre(CFC) is developing a plain-language
Guide to the Firearms Act. The government's official response
to the recommendations of the Standing Committee, the Guide and
other plain-language publications will be available through the
CFC's toll-free enquiries line at 1-800-731-4000 or website at

Information: Jean Valin Pierre Gratton
Canadian Firearms Centre Minister's Office
(613) 946-1645 (613) 992-4621



The regulations made March 24, 1998 support the Firearms Act and
include regulations tabled November 27, 1996 and proposed
regulations tabled October 30, 1997. Following Parliamentary
hearings, which took place in the winter of 1996-97 and fall 1997,
the Minister announced a number of modifications which addressed
practical considerations expressed by firearm owners. These are
included in the final regulations made public today.

The following are some of the responses to concerns voiced
through the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and
Human Rights:

Verification Procedures

The verification on transfer of restricted and prohibited firearms
will begin on October 1, 1998. As originally proposed, the
verification of non-restricted shotguns and rifles will take
place only at the time of the first transfer of the firearm to a
new owner on or after January 1, 2003, or if the firearm owner
chooses to do so, on a voluntary basis. Verification on
registration for all business registrations and new imports by
individuals will commence October 1, 1998. The creation of a
verifiers network is already underway by the Registrar
of Firearms, in consultation with provincial Chief Firearms
Officers and the User Group. The Registrar of Firearms will have
a sufficient number of verifiers in place on October 1, 1998 to
support the registration process. Verification involves the
confirmation of key identifying features of a firearm, such as
the make, the model and serial number, by a knowledgeable person.

Registration Certificates
The information appearing on the registration card will be limited
to the firearm owner's licence number. The certificate will not
contain personal information such as the name, address or date of
birth of the holder. This will enhance security by not revealing
the location of firearms should the card be lost.

Shooting Clubs and Ranges

The concept of range safety officer has been clarified, and the
operators of shooting ranges and clubs will be responsible for
developing and disseminating safety rules to their guests and
members. Regulations now include a requirement for shooting
clubs to keep records of guests who participate in shooting
activities using restricted firearms or prohibited handguns.
The insurance liability requirements have also been clarified,
in consultation with the Insurance Bureau of Canada, to reflect
the insurance industry's terms and conditions of coverage.
In addition, the newly regulated shooting ranges will be given
a period of time to bring themselves into compliance.

Gun Shows

The regulations provide for a narrower and more practical
definition of the security perimeter of firearm shows. Storage,
display and transportation requirements tailored to the
circumstances of gun shows have been inserted and more flexible
rules have been added concerning the final list of exhibitors
that the sponsor must provide to the Chief Firearms Officer.


The Regulations set a bulk rate (maximum rate of $250) for the
transfer of firearms registered by a single beneficiary of an


The Canadian Firearms Centre is developing a plain-language Guide
to the Firearms Act and other information materials that will be
available through the CFC enquiry line at 1-800-731-4000 or website
The CFC will work closely with its national and provincial
counterparts involved in tourism to ensure that the firearms
legislation does not have a negative impact on hunting, tourism
or business.
* OLX 2.2 * if guns cause crime then video cameras cause pornography


Mar 31, 1998, 3:00:00 AM3/31/98

Maybe the people of Canada will be able to depend upon their American neighbors
for defensive firearms, once the NWO comes door-to-door and confiscates
theirs??? NOT...Especially while the American Sheeple are allowing their
government to follow in the footsteps of the NWO...Too soon will come a time
when all good and true Americans, North and South will need to return their
respective governments to their service roots, and remove any semblance of
servitude from We The People...Under what conditions will the Sheeple awake???
I feel the wolf is at the door, but I've been characterized a paranoid
before...Time will tell...
The US Constitution spells out our rights, we must secure them ourselves.

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