The Spirit of 1776

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Mr. Mediadumb

Jan 14, 2008, 9:11:20 PM1/14/08
Lost forever? Never to return to the USA again?

Vote against those aipac politicians!

Kosovo, Training Grounds for NWO Terrorism in the USA? Check out:
and also or
and be warned!

Voice of Russia:

For News From Ireland (Subscription) go to:

Here in the United States, children,..... it's now 1984, forever. Media
Moguls are to USA population as Dr.Pavlov was to HIs Dog!!!!!!

Doesn't it sometimes seem that the common criminals have allies among
more than a few corrupt politicians?

The BBC is a liar murderer terrorist unit of Mi5-Mi6 espionage,
disinformation, and terror death squad organization.

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