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蔡慶輝(Ching-Hui Tsai)

Oct 4, 2015, 11:38:11 PM10/4/15

Dear Prof. Luis,

I update my GMT to GMT5.2, but the problem is still happened.

I change “gmt_ver = 5” to gmt_ver = 4”, the problem is resolved.


Best regards,



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·         can not read my own color palette - 1 Update

·         2.6 version and other news - 1 Update

jluis <>: Oct 03 10:17AM -0700

Ken, sorry I missed this mail but the answer to this issue is closely
related to my other message about the new developing version evolution to
GMT5.2 where things like this should never happen.
sábado, 25 de Julho de 2015 às 09:29:11 UTC+1, Ken escreveu:

jluis <>: Oct 03 10:14AM -0700

I have released a 2.6 version that culminates the usage of the GMT4 line.
Further updates from the stand alone version will use the new (actually so
new that it wasn't released yet) Matlab interface in GMT5.2. Hopefully,
users will not notice anything at first site but for the version control
version there are strong implications for the moment.
Furthermore, Google screwed us again and shut down the googlecodes site (as
some of you may have noticed) and I had to move the source code to Github
( At this moment the necessary MEX
files to run with GMT5.2 (and GMT5.2 itself) are not yet available, so to
make work the Mirone version cloned from the Github site the user will need
to set 'gmt_ver = 4;' at line 72 of mirone.m
Good Mironing
Joaquim Luis

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Joaquim Luis

Oct 5, 2015, 11:58:27 AM10/5/15
to, 蔡慶輝(Ching-Hui Tsai)

You can't currently use 'gmt_ver = 5' because that falls to call MEX called gmtmex that is not yet provided.
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