Announcing Gradle with Mirah support

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Felix von Ferey

Jun 28, 2015, 10:25:40 PM6/28/15

I'd like to announce Gradle with support for Mirah projects. The Mirah compiler is embedded into the Gradle JVM in order to minimize JVM startup overhead.

You can setup a Mirah project with Gradle as shown in this example:

You can have both Java source code and Mirah source code in the same project. Java code is compiled first, Mirah code is compiled afterwards. (This currently means that Java code which references classes or interfaces defined in your Mirah code does not compile, because at the compile time of the Java code, the Mirah code has not yet been compiled. However, as Mirah is being improved, writing Java source code should become unnecessary anyway. ;-))

You benefit from all the perks the Gradle ecosystem brings to you, such as a Domain Specific Language for modeling your build, depending on an external Java library by just one extra line in the "build.gradle" file, automatic packaging, testing and deployment of your project, ... . Building with Gradle (including the Gradle daemon) is faster than building using JRuby’s "rake".

Gradle with Mirah support is available, if you want to compile it yourself,

Else, complete binaries are also available

I'm happy to receive any feedback and I'm open to any questions.


Schalk Cronjé

Nov 27, 2015, 1:28:11 PM11/27/15
to The Mirah Programming Language,
I have looked at it and you have effectively forked the Gradle source code and used the Scala subproject as a template to add Mirah support. I would be surprised if the Gradle team would accept a PR for MIrah to be a core supported language at this point in time. They only three core supported languages are Java, Groovy & Scala. All other JVM languages are done via external plugins.

I would be happy to assist in getting a plugin off the ground.
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