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This is the user group for MintPy (, an open-source Python package for InSAR time series analysis.

Important: Follow the rules and guidelines below, to provide enough info to help the diagnosis, thus, more likely to have your questions answered:
  • Do not post MintPy-unrelated issues/questions. 
  • Before posting a new issue:
    • Update your code to the latest development version (instruction), the error might have been fixed.
    • Search the posts here and on the GitHub repo (issues/discussions) for related issues, your question might have already been posted before and answered.
  • When reporting an issue or error, include the following info:
    1. Description of the problem.
    2. Full commands that generated the error.
    3. Full error message (from the beginning, as an error could be caused by earlier issues).
    4. System information:
      • Operating system: macOS, Linux, Windows, etc.
      • MintPy installation method: conda, MacPorts, pip, path setup, etc.
      • MintPy version: output of --version
    5. When reporting an issue with a particular dataset, including the following helps the diagnosis a lot:
      • Your custom or default template file (smallbaselineApp.cfg file).
      • [occasionally] The full pic folder to understand the data quality.