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Assaf Suberry

Sep 22, 2021, 2:57:05 PMSep 22
to Minno.js
I am running the Age-IAT through Qualtrics and now it works well

I don't want to use the full IAT but the Brief version of the test

I am using two categories (young/old) and two attributes (positive/negative)
The current script looks as follows


blockAttributes_nTrials : 20,

blockAttributes_nMiniBlocks : 5,

blockCategories_nTrials : 20,

blockCategories_nMiniBlocks : 5,

blockFirstCombined_nTrials : 20,

blockFirstCombined_nMiniBlocks : 5,

blockSecondCombined_nTrials : 0, //Change to 0 if you want 5 blocks (you would probably want to increase blockFirstCombined_nTrials).

blockSecondCombined_nMiniBlocks : 10,

blockSwitch_nTrials : 28,

blockSwitch_nMiniBlocks : 7,

 After running the test there are not enough trails for measuring the D score and the implicit associations

What should I change in that scrips in order to fit with the Brief-IAT requirements?

Thanks a lot 

Yoav Bar-Anan

Sep 23, 2021, 12:09:33 AMSep 23
to Minno.js
Hi Assaf, 

If you want to use the Brief-IAT, you need to use the Brief-IAT extension.

* I do wonder what you mean by "not enough trials". Did you use showDebriefing:true and receive a message of "not enough trials"? Or, perhaps you looked at the data and saw that the feedback message there was "not enough trials"?
I ask because the IAT extension is supposed to compute a score and determine the feedback message even when the user request 5-blocks version. So, such a message might be a bug we should fix.

** I would also like to remind everyone that we recommend not to use the D score computed by the extension when analyzing your data for research. This is an internal feature of Project Implicit, and it does not use the exact recommended scoring algorithm. We also recommend not providing your participants the feedback message, if it's not a part of your research (e.g., to test people's reaction to the feedback message).

All the best,

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