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Julie Beadle

Aug 21, 2021, 12:07:00 PMAug 21
to Minno.js

I am running an IAT with Qualtrics. When I look at the raw data, I am only seeing data from blocks 3, 4, 6, 7. Is it possible to get raw data from all of the blocks, including the practice blocks (i.e., blocks 1, 2, 5)?

Thank you, 


Yoav Bar-Anan

Aug 24, 2021, 1:56:13 PMAug 24
to Julie Beadle, Minno.js
Hi Julie,

I assume you're referring to the Qualtrics extension of the IAT.

Because Qualtrics limits the data that can be saved, our qualtrics extension does not record data from the 2-category blocks.

If you want data from those blocks, you will need to change the extension (i.e., copy the extension to your own folder and modify it).

*In that case, I would also recommend using the shortData parameter that was recently added to a new version of the extension (at*/IAT/qualtrics/quiat10.js). That feature will replace all the stimuli with running numbers, to save the space of their names (usually, it is not a big deal anyhow because most researchers don't use the stimulus identity in their analyses; but, they also don't use blocks 1, 2, and 5).

I *think* that the relevant code for recording the missing blocks is in line 384. That line makes sure to record only trials that have the following properties:  'block', 'condition', 'score', 'cong'
I think that blocks 1,2, and 5 do not have the 'cong' property, and perhaps also do not have the 'condition' property. So, you might be able to record data from those blocks if you change it to the following line of code:
else if(!hasProperties(logs[iLog].data, ['block', 'score']))

However, perhaps it would cause some trouble afterwards, when the script tries to save those properties (lines 398-399). If that happens, I recommend entering dummy content to those properties. Something like:
 else if(!hasProperties(logs[iLog].data, ['block', 'condition', 'score', 'cong']))
                          logs[iLog].data.cong = '0';
                         logs[iLog].data.condition = '0';

But, really, I'm coding here blindly, so I might be wrong, and you will need to debug it a bit until you successfully modify the extension to record those blocks.


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Julie Beadle

Sep 8, 2021, 7:01:47 PMSep 8
to Minno.js
Thanks for the reply, Yoav. Sorry for my delayed response. I haven't made any changes yet but I will post here if I do. 

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