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Minno is a free tool for creating web studies with sophisticated questionnaires and reaction time tasks. It supports all major web browsers. Minno scripts are easy to write, without previous knowledge in programming. Minno has been developed by Project Implicit for running social cognitive experiments online. On Project Implicit's website, studies developed with Minno.js collect data from thousands of participants every day.

Guidelines for posting:
If possible, please include a link to files of the study and a link to launch your study. To create a link to the study files: In the Researcher Dashboard, go to the study, and in the study menu, choose "Sharing". In the "Sharing" page, use the "Create public link" option. 
To create a link to one file, right click that file in the Researcher Dashboard, and choose "Copy URL". 
You can also attach files to your question. However, you probably would not be able to send files that end with the extension ".js". So, change the extension to ".renametojs" before adding the script file. 
You can also show screen shots. An annotated screenshot is even better (Try Shift+Win+S). An animated gif screen-capture might also be helpful when there are many 'moving parts' in your study. 
Try using informative titles to your questions, to help other users learn from the answers to your questions, when they have similar questions.