[PATCHES] some work on userland commands

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David van Moolenbroek

Sep 24, 2015, 11:29:34 AM9/24/15
to minix-dev
These patches import, retire, and move, and fix warnings in a bunch of userland commands (and one library).

The general idea is that minix/commands should eventually be empty, with netbsd commands replacing ours when applicable (note that we deviate from netbsd in some exceptions, like for diff and grep, where netbsd uses the GNU utilities), and the rest moved into minix/usr.bin and minix/usr.sbin as appropriate. Unfortunately, many (most?) commands in minix/commands/ are currently installed to /usr/bin but really are for root only and thus should be in /usr/sbin. This is work in progress; I've only done a tiny bit here. Some utilities are really just obsolete, and we'll be throwing them out (including any new manpages, sorry Jacob..).

One of the patches resolves all compiler warnings in the minix/commands directory.


http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3180/ - libc: support for deprecated FIO* ioctl(2) calls
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3181/ - Import NetBSD rcmd, rcp, rsh, rshd
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3182/ - Import NetBSD cmp
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3183/ - Update, move NetBSD find(1)
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3184/ - libfetch: switch to external/bsd version
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3185/ - Move OpenBSD diff(1) into minix/usr.bin
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3186/ - btrace(8): move to proper location
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3187/ - diskctl(8): move to proper location
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3188/ - fbdctl(8): move to proper location
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3189/ - Retire ci(1), co(1), svclog(1)
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3190/ - Retire decomp16(1)
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3191/ - commands: resolve compiler warnings
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3192/ - Deprivilege some network commands
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3193/ - swifi: various improvements
http://gerrit.minix3.org/#/c/3194/ - Import NetBSD flock(1)

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